The Perfect Life

Nothing’s perfect.  I guess but there is more ideal and the standard life most of us live is not ideal.  It’s just too much of something or everything.  As human beings we’re not meant to have things forced upon us forever.

Hate your job? What if you only had to do it 3 days a week or 5 days but less hours?  It might not be so bad then right?  Is it doable though?  Yes but you would have to change your life drastically.  It would probably mean shared housing, no big vacations, probably no car and a bunch of other things.

Being in a relationship is too much?  Imagine if you only saw this person 3 times a week?  It would be hard to get sick of them unless if you hated them.  It be hard to convince a woman to go for this though.  They’ll probably pull the “if you don’t want to see me that often it means you don’t love me” line.  Hey, I love fried chicken doesn’t mean I got to eat it everyday.   Go get some friends or something.  Oh wait, all your friends are stuck with their boyfriends or husbands.

Can you imagine seeing your friends more than once a season?  “Oh man, I ain’t got time for friends no more.  Everyone is so busy doing their own thing.”  Perhaps.  But no one wants to put any effort into seeing each other cause they’re stuck with their commitments.  It’s too easy to just say, “whatever.”

Can this life be plausible?  I think it is.  The issue is there isn’t enough people to want to do it to make it plausible.  It’s just easier to follow the status quo except that it’s really harder.  We could really share living space with friends and share a car.   We could just become a closer community.  The problem is no one wants to share anything.  Too much of a hassle.  Another issue is people sooner or later will have a hard time getting along.

I don’t know.  I just think it would be a good way to live.


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