It’s a nice day you should do something

So it’s Saturday and sunny with blue skies.  On a day like this your brain tells you that you should go out and do something.  I never really questioned it but now that I’m sitting on my couch looking outside it makes me wonder.

Of course I’d rather be out somewhere doing something enjoyable but I can’t think of anything enjoyable enough to do to actually get out there.  Probably the bigger thing is that I can’t think of anyone in my life I would enjoy being with out there.

Why is it so frowned upon to stay home on a sunny day like this?  What is it that I’m accomplishing by going out in the sun?  Am I going to have the time of my life?  Probably not but I guess it’s supposed to be better than staying in.
Nothing is going to happen inside these 4 walls.

Then again when you go out you’re probably going to spend money.  Well, I guess if there’s something you want to do outside then you should go for it.  But if there isn’t then you shouldn’t feel like a loser for staying in.  To sum it up, I think it’s a really big ego thing to feel shitty about having nowhere to go on a sunny day.

I guess I’ll hang out in my backyard at least.  The key is to have it be sunny in your head all the time.  Right now the current mental forecast is cloudy with sunny breaks but also with a chance of showers.

Daily Prompt: Sunny


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