Metallica in Vancouver 2012

This is going to be my unprofessional review of the August 25th Metallica show in Vancouver. I went to the second of 2 shows at Rogers Arena on Saturday and ya, ummmmm… it was super kick ass.  Best concert I have ever been to and I’m almost certain the best I will ever see.  It was the concert of all concerts.  If you ever wanted to see a rock concert just for the experience that would have been the one.

I think the reason why it was so freaking awesome was because for whatever reason Metallica decided to film the Vancouver shows for their 3D movie so they had to go all out and my goodness they went all out.

Show was suppose to start at 7pm but it didn’t get going until 8:30.  They wanted everyone seated and that wasn’t going to happen at 7pm cause everyone gets all beer crazy.  $8.50 for a beer!  That’s like an all time high price.

As we went in one of my friends got searched and inside his cigarette pack he had a few joints.  That got thrown out but luckily for them our other friend had one on him.  Not sure why they only searched the one friend.  Must have looked like an asshole or something.

The opening act was some dude who I think was suppose to be some sort of stand up comic or someone to get the crowd all reved up.  I guess he was alright.  It was somewhat entertaining.  He brought a 12 year old on stage for some shits and giggles.  I thought that was kind of fun.  I’m sure the kid pissed his pants with joy.

Once Metallica came on it went nuts of course.  They had a couple very sophisticated cameras on huge metal arms going back and forth around the arena all night.  I flashed my tits but I don’t think it will make it to the movie.  I think my nipples are too small.

The stage was this huge platform and Metallica played all around it for all angles of the arena.  The pyrotechnics were pretty rad and they had giant props from some of the album covers like the blindfolded statue, the toilet with the thingy coming out of it, coffins and a bunch of crosses coming out of the stage.  Trust me, I’m not doing it much justice with my lame description.  If you saw it you’d be in awe.

They played a lot of the favourites like Fuel, One, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters and quite a few more.  But ya the stage work was crazy.  They had a stage crew on doing stuff all the time while the show was going on.  There was so much stuff going on.

I’m somewhat ashamed to say this but I was high on something and ya, it made the show even more spectacular.  I can’t say I regret doing it either though.  The row behind me had some cool people I interacted with all night.  Oh crap, how can I forget to mention this.  2 rows behind me was a chick who decided to take off her top and exposed her tits for quite a decent amount of time.  She was pretty sexy too and I must admit she had a nice pair.  I must sound like a sicko.  I’m just a guy who was high and likes titties.  So sue me.





“Do you watch?”


So I was doing a delivery to a small business the other day and moments after I walked in some female sexual sounds were coming from the computer.  This was our conversation. Sort of.

Me: Hahahahaha

Middle Eastern dude (with accent): Oh shit sorry (frantically trying to close the screen but not successful).

Me:  It’s ok.

Him: I just get so bored sitting here alone.

Me: It’s ok, a lot of guys watch that stuff.

Him: Do you watch?  I like oriental girls.

Me: Oh.  Ya I watch sometimes.

Him: Sorry about that.  It’s just so boring by myself you know.  Sitting here alone.

Me: It’s all good. Don’t worry about it.

This is what happens when guys are bored and all alone.  Their mind starts wandering and sooner or later they will think of sex and once that train starts rolling it becomes a slippery slope.  I think if he had another few minutes he’d be in the back masturbating and then going back to the computer to look at other non porn sites and then eventually going back to porn sites.



Digital Photography vs Film Photography

There’s probably about 1435564 webpages about this subject.  I’m not here to tell you about the technical advantages and disadvantages.  I’d rather talk about how I feel about it spiritually.  Sounds lame eh?  Dali Lamo.

I will confess, I used to be a somewhat serious amateur photographer.  I was even a photographer’s assistant to a very accomplished photographer.  Back when I started photography in 2004, digital slr’s were not all the rage yet.  They were still pretty expensive and new on the market.  Being a poor son of a bitch and a purist I started with an all manual operation Pentax K1000.  This was the king of all starter cameras.

To be an even greater purist, I used slide film or transparency film.  Using this kind of film meant there was no alteration to the exposure (brightness and darkness) of the pictures you took.  See, when you use the regular print film that most people used, the lab would adjust your photos if they were too dark or too bright.

The combination of a manual camera and slide film meant I was in total control.  There wasn’t a lot of room for error and I had to be very conscious of my settings and environment.  It was like I had to be completely zen.  My brain was always calculating exposures and focusing took a steady hand and a sharp eye.

After a day and night of shooting my hopes and dreams were all hanging on to whether or not my shots were correctly exposed and tack sharp.  The anticipation was my life’s fuel for purpose.  I was a  young man with a camera who marched all through his city establishing a collection of the city with his own eye.

Switching on my light table with loupe in hand I would eagerly sprawl all my newly captured slides on the 2 by 4 plexiglass.  Liking what I would see from a distance I would get a closer look with my glass eye and pray that it was tack sharp.  The colours were so amazingly vibrant I felt like I was tripping on some kind of psychedelic drug.

It felt special or at least it felt special to my ego that I was getting better and probably better than most amateurs.  I knew my stuff and I had enough love and determination for the art form that the money spent on film and the time spent trekking was painless.

This was all taken away when I bought my first Canon dslr when most people would probably have gotten their jollies.
Some how the advances in technology took photography down to a whole new level.  It introduced an entirely different aspect of something that was so organic for decades.

It’s similar to the many ways of life.  Like how it’s not how you got the Mercedes, it’s the fact that you have it.  In this world of ours no one cares about genuineness they only care about the surface.  No one cares that your photographs were a collection of research, sweat, patience, calculations and mindfulness.  It’s all about the final product.

Between digital slr’s and Photoshop there’s not a lot of reason for knowledge and passion.  It can still be there but I doubt it’s the same as when you’re winding the film, adjusting your shutter speed, holding the camera steady all the while knowing you can’t fix where you screw up and every shot is costing you 25 cents.

I guess for the masses digital cameras fill the void but for the purist who is out there to be one with his camera nothing beats a fully manual slr cocked and loaded with 35mm slide film, accompanied with an arsenal of filters with a discriminant retina staring carefully through the sight aiming the barrel towards his target.




Being excited is way more difficult these days

Remember when you were a kid when you could get excited over pizza or a good cartoon being on TV?  It was just so easy to be pleased back then.  I used to jump up and down and around like an idiot when the theme song came on.  I guess when things are farther from your reach you get all giddy when it’s in your grasp.  Now people can’t get excited without spending thousands of dollars or having some other once in a lifetime experience.

It wasn’t even that long ago when I felt some excitement when I knew my favourite tv  show would be on later in the night.  But now it’s like whatever cause I can just download it or if you have a PVR you can recorded it while you’re out.  Before you would make sure you were home and ready before the show even started.

You can almost buy or find anything at your convenience these days.  There’s no waiting or anticipation anymore.  You can find out what songs your favourite band will play and in what order before they even come to town.  The only thing you can’t for sure buy or download these days is a woman you have a thing for who isn’t a hooker.  I guess there will always be some wonder and excitement when it comes to courting a woman.  I suppose there’s some guys out there who don’t wonder too often.  They’re probably like, “ya, I know that bitch wants me.  They usually do.”

Crap man, no wonder people always want to get high.


Getting high isn’t true happiness?

If you were to ask someone why they get high they’d probably say something like, “cause it makes me happy.”  Detractors to this kind of talk would probably say something like, “but that’s not true happiness.”  Then what is true happiness?

In our society most would say having a wife, kids, friends and doing something in life you enjoy.  Well, I say whatever to that.  If you look at it from another angle all these things can be pretty similar to finding happiness by snorting a a big line of cocaine.  But that happiness doesn’t last, right?  No it doesn’t that’s why you have to do another one.

Are you telling me though, all these people you have in your life you associate with true happiness last forever?  Not always and not really.  Lets say though all these people stick around for the rest of your life.  Are those relationships just as great and genuine as they always were?  Did you have to go through some kind of misery just to keep them around?  Or is it all just like the highs and lows of a drug habit? I bet in order to maintain all those relationships it costs more than a drug habit.  You think your wife and kids are cheaper than a drug habit? They’re probably harder to get rid of too if you wanted to get rid of them.

So instead of trying to find happiness the old fashioned way you may want to look into just getting high instead cause they’re both just as real.  I don’t really believe this. hahahaha..  or do I?




Why the heck are we suppose to find happiness?

I just think it’s a weird statement? Is happiness suppose to be like food?  You have to go out and search for it or you won’t have any?  I feel like it’s a  pretty dirty trick that’s put on us if that’s the case.

Possibly back in the beginning, life was so simple that it was much easier to be happy even if you had to attain it some how.  There wasn’t such a disconnect from society or your community cause no one was separated by houses and miles of concrete.  Your biggest day to day goal in life was to not starve to death.

These days we get thrown into this mess of a life without much good guidance usually and are left to figure this life out on our own quite often.  Our most frequent life coaches are TV, other sources of media and the people around us who are usually just as confused as ourselves.   We don’t ever practice simplicity but instead follow the herd to complicate our lives just cause we can with the illusion that it will make us happier.

I’m sitting here on the couch wondering about this and trying to figure it all out but it’s not easy.  I’m thinking once our basic needs are met shouldn’t we be happy until we’re hungry again?  Or is there this primal human instinct that keeps pushing us to get more once we’re comfortable that puts happiness on the back burner until total security is met?

I find people search for happiness by trying to be the best in their little circle of people.  So is that where happiness is?  Trying to be the alpha?  These primal instincts of ours are always clashing with this unnatural world we live.  Perhaps we live too long to be able to always be happy easily.  Imagine if we were only meant to live until about 20 or 30?  Or if we had no idea how long we would live until?  We’d be living for the day and not for the next 30 years.  We only do all these things cause we know probably that we’re going to live to about 70ish.  If it was 30ish instead, life would be short and sweet.  No 25 year mortgages, 30 years of working, retirement savings plan, no agonizing about what we’re going to do with our lives cause our near future would be death.  I guess part of the problem is that we know too much.  Ignorance is bliss sometimes.





What I Have Learned About Smoking Marijuana

Over the last couple decades I’ve come across many myths and truths about marijuana.  I live in one of the most liberal places on this planet when it comes to marijuana and I’ve regularly been surrounded by potheads.

Smoking weed is definitely not for me at least not in this stage of my life.  I’ve never really liked it.  I don’t know, I just don’t.  My mind and body just don’t react well to it.  It’s similar to some people who just don’t drink alcohol or can’t eat peanuts.

All I want to do is lie down, close my eyes and pass out.  I get kind of dizzy and I pretty much regret it every time I smoke it.  I cannot drive when I’m high to save my life.  I get super paranoid.  There was this one time I had to drive 5 minutes back home and it was hell.  That’s just me though.  Everybody reacts differently to it though.  Some people always want to be high cause it makes everything more enjoyable.  Others smoke it to get out of their reality.

There’s some hardcore stoners out there who think smoking weed is for everyone and if you don’t do it then there’s something wrong with you like you’re a square or you just don’t know how to enjoy it.  They’re just being bias and trying to strengthen their own existence.
I will say though, if you have negative thoughts, smoking weed can enhance those thoughts and make it worse.  It’s a pretty good sign that you got to fix some shit in your life whether it be internally or externally.

What I’ve come to realize though is almost all potheads will want to quit smoking weed sooner or later.  Almost everyone I know who smoked weed regularly for years has wanted to quit.  Reasons ranging from money, foggy mind, physical health or just a lifestyle change.  I suppose a significant other nagging them to quit is another one.

I’ve come across a few people who smoked weed to alleviate their depressing thoughts.  They say it works but of course it’s only temporary.  They also tell me they feel using this as an escape too often leads to more negativity in their mind.

Marijuana for medicinal purposes?  Yes I believe this.  It helps with pain and other things as well.  I want to get a card for myself just for kicks.  They have places in Vancouver where you can buy pot cookies and brownies.  I know I don’t really like weed but it be cool to have one of these cards.  I’ll just tell my doctor I have insomnia or something.

Is it addictive?  Not in the classical sense but if you smoke it often it’s definitely going to become habitual.  There are definitely withdrawal symptoms just not as severe as alcohol or harder drugs.  Possible symptoms could be insomnia and irritability.  If you live a good portion of your awakened existence high on weed you will feel something if you quit.

Is it bad for you?  In some way it has to be cause you’re smoking something.  Plus you don’t know for sure what’s in that weed.  But there’s worse things you can do like be an alcoholic or be a total junk food lover.  Marijuana has never killed anyone and that’s a fact.  I have this hunch though that if you’re a chronic marijuana smoker  you may have a hard time reproducing.  I’ve heard a couple stories.   I’m sure there’s other things it can do to you too.

Conclusion?  If your neighbours smoked weed, I’m sure you could still get along.  If they were heroin users, alcoholics or just assholes it would be a different story.  Smoking weed is not for everyone but some people love it.  I think it’s probably best if you didn’t feel like you had to smoke it everyday but whatever.  Also it does cost money so if you can’t afford it really then you might want to think about cutting down.  I know dudes who spend $400 a month and they got money issues.  I don’t know.  I guess if you feel smoking weed is more important then who am I to judge.  I could possibly feel the same way if I liked smoking weed.

I definitely think though many potheads are a little too sensitive when there’s any bad mouthing of marijuana.  There’s this whole culture now of weed advocates.  It’s almost like 911 conspiracy believers or corporation haters.  Kind of like a bandwagon culture.

I really wish I could just be a pothead.  Work and them come home and get stoned.  Plus there’s so many people to smoke weed with.  It’s like a social thing.  “Want to come over and smoke a joint?”  I don’t know.  Maybe one day.