My place isn’t even 400sq feet!

So I live in a 1 bedroom ground level suite in a fairly new Vancouver Special house.  I’ve always known it to be small but when I figured it was less than 400 square feet it felt really small.  My bedroom and bathroom are normal size but my kitchen and living room are combined so I guess that’s where the smallness comes in to play.

There’s some good news out of this.  I used to think 500 or 550 square feet apartments were too small but it would be just fine for me so this could be in the cards one day if I ever purchase property.  Smaller places are more affordable but this Vancouver BS real estate market doesn’t make it easy.

I pay $600 a month with everything included except cable.  I think about finding another place sometimes but there’s some definite perks living here.

1. I always get a parking spot in front and never have to parallel park.
2. There is no one living beside me in the other suite so it’s quite.
3. It’s less than 10 minutes away from work.
4. I deliver stuff in my area so I get to go home for lunch.
5. It’s pretty close to 2 major supermarkets and 1 smaller one and there’s a handful of big box stores near by.
6. I don’t have any beefs with my landlord.
7. The landlord ain’t moving anywhere so I don’t have to worry about getting kicked out with short notice.
8. No one on this block annoys me or is crazy.

Wow, that’s a lot of reasons.  After some  years of living I’ve realized the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else and that you have to realize what you have already is pretty good and hard to find.

I’ll take you on a tour of my crib.


This is the view from my bedroom door




This is the view from the outside door.  Hope you enjoyed your stay here.  See you next time on Small Cribs.



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