Spreading positive energy

If you read any of my posts it’s hard to believe I have any positivity but I’m actually on a spiritual journey of some sort.  Sounding negative just comes off more entertaining than being all happy go lucky.  Think about all the famous comedians you know.  None of their subject matter is every bright and cheerful.  It always comes off somewhat negative.  Well, in my opinion it’s usually just being real.

How to spread positive energy?  By being the nicest and most compassionate person you can be.  It’s not always easy but when you can do it then you’re spreading positive energy.

How not to spread positive energy?  By doing the shittier thing and giving yourself excuses to do so.  I find that quite often people are only as nice and compassionate as they think they need to be.  There’s a gauge and it’s largely measured by what you think most people would do.

This gauge frees you from any guilt you might have from not doing the better action.  Being a good person in this world usually just means better than most people but most people act like asswipes or asswipes in disguise.

For most of my life I acted like both.  A lot of my actions were based on ego and selfishness.  I wouldn’t help someone cause it made me feel like a lacky boy or I wouldn’t be smiling while helping them out.  “I’m doing you a favour so why should I smile too?”  I wouldn’t be as friendly to my friends cause I told myself it was okay to be a grouch.  I wouldn’t help someone cause I made up some story in my head that they wouldn’t appreciate it.  Maybe I felt lazy too.

All this contributes to negative energy that only continues spreading.  We want to break the attitude of, “why should I.”  That attitude of not doing something cause no one expects you to.  We shouldn’t need to fear the feeling of guilt in order to be nice.

If guilt is why you’re doing anything nice then it’s selfish.  You’re doing something so you won’t feel bad not because you want to help someone out.

We also shouldn’t be doing favours when in the back of our head we expect the same in return.  If  you did a favour for someone and they didn’t return the favour would you be dissappoionted?  Well, when I say “we shouldn’t” I mean it’s not the most enlightening and positive mindset to have.

The more we show we’re willing to do things for the sake of just being nice it will be contagious like a good flu and people will start to think it’s how it should be.  They’ll see new light instead of being stuck with the same mentality of thinking no one is that nice.

Even small things like sending emails that have a bit of heart put into it.  Often the emails I get from Craigslist browsers are very blunt and heartless.  No “hi” or “thanks.”  Just a one liner like they had to go urinate really bad.

The thing I realized about life is being selfish has not brought us anywhere closer to happiness or enlightenment.  Everything we do is selfish.  It’s never for anyone else but ourselves.  I remember growing up and hearing all that giving is better than receiving crap and all the rest but never really believing it.  I really believe it now.  I will leave you with some cheesy quotes from someone.  Have an awesome day.

A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path




5 comments on “Spreading positive energy

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I am of the philosophy that relationships should be about trade, bringing something of value to the table, and both leaving the table he winner. The problem of freebies is that you are the loser, and encourages ill will to you because the other part feels obligated to you.


    • mindo240 says:

      You’re right, you definitely have to watch out for being taken advantage of. When it comes to most relationships that are based on trading and such, I feel some kind of score ends up being kept and it ends up being some kind of business rather than a caring relationship.


  2. Anonymous says:

    this was a really honest piece, really made me smile. thank you for being honest, and spreading the positivity.


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