Foodie vs Druggie?

What’s the difference?  Unhealthy food is better for you than drugs?  I don’t know, depends on the dosage and the frequency I guess.

The big difference is one is looked upon as harmless and fun while the other is dark and disgusting.  As a “foodie” (what a stupid name anyway) you go around town trying out different cuisines and then blogging about it.  Showcasing pictures to cyberspace the many different kinds of garbage you’re willing to put in a trash can you call a body and smile about it.

It’s better than drugs?  I don’t know.  People die and get diseases primarily cause of their diet and any food made in a restaurant is bad for you.  Yes it is.  There’s just different degrees of bad.  Not to mention the way it makes you feel.  It’s like sludge in the engine and when you let it out of your anus it’s not always as tantalizing as before it went in.

Unhealthy food is basically a drug.  Read the ingredients of what you eat and some of those ingredient are drugs.  I bet when you’re hungry all you can think about is something unhealthy to eat especially when your favourite past time is foodieing around town.  It’s just like how a junkie thinks about his next fix.

I don’t know, I guess being a foodie is just giving people something to do.   Poor kids in third world countries must hate foodies.  They eat all this food then go home and vent about it online on how disgusted they were that they actually put this in their mouths.  I don’t care though, “foodie” still sounds retarded.





One comment on “Foodie vs Druggie?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Druggies 4 lyfe


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