Everything is about survival

Everything! It’s a human instinct that ensures we try our hardest to continue living and reproducing.  Every emotion and thought we have is geared towards the survival of our existence.  In hunter gatherer days our existence really meant our existence but today our basic needs are so well taken care of that our existence is now a pathetic one.  Pathetic or not we have a hard time fighting our survival instincts cause when we don’t think, we’re like a bunch of chimpanzees.

If some caveman stole your club, drumstick or loin cloth you would get pissed off cause that guy is messing with your basic needs.  It wasn’t easy to replace those things.  You would try to kill that focker so he couldn’t do it again and send a message to anyone else who wanted to rob you.

Today, you would feel the same emotions if someone tried to steal your parking spot.  You would be enraged with all this anger to help you kill that person.  How dare he steal  your parking spot.  He’s screwing with your ego and alpha male status.  You need that alpha male feeling to get chicks so you can reproduce.  How are your fellow cavemen going to respect you?  They’ll demote you to beta or gamma.  Thank goodness you begin to think.  “If I kill this guy I will go to jail.  It’s only a parking spot.  Whatever.”

Fear.  The feeling we get to protect us from danger.  If we see a saber tooth tiger, we run.  Standing too close to the edge of a cliff, we back away.  If we see someone with a deformed face, we run.  It might be contagious and we can’t let that one reproduce so we better get away.

Today?  Not talking to a girl cause we’re afwaid we’re going to get weejected.  How is this part of survival?  It’s the survival of your ego.  Getting rejected will hurt you so much you think you won’t get over it.  You’ll be destroyed.  Ego suicide.  Your ego is you.

Fear is probably the worst one.  If you feel fear it means you don’t feel safe.  It also means you can’t live to your fullest.  All your decisions are based on not what you want to do but what makes you feel safe.  Studying something you don’t like just cause it makes good money, staying at a shitty job cause you’re scared to suffer while trying to find another one, saving your whole life for retirement while your present life sucks, marrying into a loveless marriage cause you’re afraid you won’t find anyone else, staying single cause you’re so used to it, drinking Budweiser all your life cause you’re scared to be disappointed.  The comfort zone.  Comfort is guaranteed survival.   If it ain’t going to kill you stick with it.  The survival mentality.

I suppose fear is so strong even today because we feel there’s no one to save us.  So many of us have no community support of any kind.  If we don’t make enough money we never think someone is going to bail us out.  We also think we’ll be ridiculed which will make us depressed.  There’s just no feeling of promise that enough people will accept you no matter what.

My conclusion?  Well, it’s more of a semi conclusion.  Most of us never have to worry about food and shelter but acceptance of ourselves and acceptance from other people will always be our main concern.  It’s the driving factor behind all things long and torturous.

It looks like I rambled and went off topic.  Oh well.

I think we know better that what’s  easier now isn’t always better so we should stop thinking like cavemen.  I wish I would have taken my own advice more often all through my life.  Instead, I often adopted another survival instinct which was denial.  It makes you feel better about yourself.




4 comments on “Everything is about survival

  1. what is it that you fear the most??


    • mindo240 says:

      What do I fear the most? Hmmmmm.. That there will be a significant amount of misery in my life and not a significant amount of joy. What would cause me misery? Working a job I don’t really want to work. Not enough like minded people in my life. Me not loving anyone or anyone loving me. Unconditional acceptance? This is actually my life right now. When I say love I’m not just referring to wife/girlfriend but people in general.
      I don’t fear death though. At least I don’t think I do. I feel that I wouldn’t care if I died tomorrow as long as it was painless. I think I feel this way cause there is no one depending on me. I’m not responsible for no one and any goals or dreams for the future I have for myself are just that. I guess my goals and dreams are to not have that misery. Maybe I should say I would be miserable but there wouldn’t be too much joy I think. I think. I think cause I don’t know cause I can’t predict how I will feel in the future. I feel like I’m talking to a therapist. Perhaps I need one. hahaha. I’ve only recently felt this way about death cause of experience. I know once you die no one is going to care for very long. You will not have much of a legacy no matter who you are. It’s like your life hardly meant anything to 90% of the people you knew. Knowing that I don’t take myself or life seriously. I’m just here to enjoy and to be the nicest and most compassionate person I can be. How much do I owe you for this session?


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