Everything a man does is for a woman

We’re retards but it’s also a primitive instinct that drives us.  If the female race were to go extinct, every man would sooner or later stop all ambitions and become sloths.  Everything we do is for women.

The only reason a guy wants to be rich is so that he can get the best looking woman he can get and be the envy of all other men.  The only reason he buys the nicest car he can barely afford is because he thinks it will up his game.  The only reason he wants to buy a house is so he becomes more desirable to a woman.

Everytime a guy’s ego is hurt it’s because he thinks it makes him less of a man which will make him less wanted by a woman.  It’s some kind of alpha male bullshit.  The only time a man feels like a loser is when he feels no woman wants him.  He could be broke ass and fat but if he’s got a woman way better looking than him he feels like a winner.

If he’s rich and good looking with no woman he’s a loser!  Or he’s gay.  Or divorced and very bitter.

Coming out of high school the idea is, “I’d better go to university so I can get a good job cause if I don’t no woman will want me.”  No joke.  It will never be, “I’d better go to university so I can get a good job so I can be happier single and impress all my guy friends with my expensive toys.”

The only reason a guy is jealous of another guy is because he thinks that guy has something a woman will want.  We see a guy with a nicer car than us, we’re like, “fricken asswipe, I wish I could drive one of those then I would have a better chance with a girl.”

That’s why we don’t get jealous if someone is the greatest at table tennis, magic cards or booger sniffing cause we don’t think any good looking girls will care.  Unless, if booger sniffers got paid big money then we would be like, “if I get good at booger sniffing then all the chicks would want me, ya.”

Any guy who has any ambition to make lots of money and is saying he’s doing it largely for something else other than to get the best woman he can get is a friggin liar.  Maybe it’s just primitive instincts or low self esteem but whatever it is this is the way it is.

If women were to go extinct tomorrow there would be hardly any guy out there who would be content at their job.  Sooner or later they would find an easier job, move to a smaller place or with their mom, take the bus and probably rape other guys.


3 comments on “Everything a man does is for a woman

  1. caracaleo says:

    This is one of the most amazing posts I have ever read. I wanted to die when I read the first line. THanks so much for an amazing post


  2. 😀 Mr. Johnson, this is hilarious! And your very last line… Ha ha ha!


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