We’re living pretty good

Urinating in water that is perfectly drinkable.  Continuous running drinkable water coming out of the faucet whenever you want.  Not having to worry about the safety of you or your family.  Dial 3 digits on your phone and someone will come save you if a dog bites your finger off.  The list goes on.

Living in any developed country you will pretty much have all of this and more.  But it means nothing, right?  You can have all of this and life still sucks because you don’t have a great job or you do but it’s not exciting anymore.  You’re single and you’re worried you’ll never find anyone to marry you.  Better yet, you have someone but you’re not convinced they’re the right one.  So depressing cause your life isn’t like a tv show.

If you sometimes feel like this try thinking differently.  Think of how you never have to think about starving to death.  Think about how you probably will live under a roof where there’s a bed and blanket everyday of your life.  What more do you need to be happy?

There’s billions of people who don’t get these luxuries that we take for granted.  We’re part of a lucky minority.  We live like royalty to most of the world but our minds are developed like third world countries.

All these everyday luxuries are not enough to make people feel special cause everyone else around them has all this too.  People need to be better then the next person.  Once basic needs are well taken care of the ego needs to be taken care of and that’s an endless journey.


“It is not enough to succeed, a friend must fail.”
-La Rochefoucauld

4 comments on “We’re living pretty good

  1. mamaji says:

    So true. We always want more. Never ends really. Always want more than our neighbours so we can have a five inch larger television than them, so we can sit on our asses and watch adverts just like them and try and feel content from a device used by man to convince us to spend our money on other larger than our neighbours objects in the hope of receiving peace, but how can we ever receive peace if all this is made by man for their own profitable gain


    • mindo240 says:

      I think wanting more is part of human nature. It’s a primitive way of thinking in terms of survival and solidifying our survival. It’s primitive cause we don’t stop and think and we think all this superficial stuff is a must for our existence.


  2. caracaleo says:

    Omg, Can I tell you I’m in love with you…that sounds weird..but I’m reading you’re posts and laughing/crying/inspired. thank you


    • mindo240 says:

      In love with me? It’s not weird at all cause I get it all the time. No I don’t. It’s quite flattering actually, thank you. I’m glad I can bring out so many emotions for you at one time.


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