Smoking is bad for you

Recently, I heard news of one of my friend’s dad passing away from cancer.  It made me think of all my friends dad’s that have passed away and it made me realize that all of them smoked cigarettes.

One died at 40 from lung cancer, another at 50 from stomach cancer, another at 50 from heart disease, another at about 60 from cancer and this most recent one was like 60 and the cancer started in the liver and spread.

Yes, there are people who smoke all their lives and live into their 70’s but it’s obvious you would be taking a good chance at an early miserable death if you keep on smoking.

This is not 5 people out of like 50 either.  It’s more like 5 out of 15 friends from high school.  You can turn a blind eye to all the stats and numbers thrown at you all your life about how many people die cause of smoking but it’s pretty hard to deny the numbers when you’re aware of the situation.