Sex, Drugs and Meat

There are some groups out there that have all these rules against these things when it’s human instinct to give into them.

God said no sex before marriage.  God, why did you give me the involuntary function of boners throughout my teenage years when you forbid me to fulfill it’s purpose.  So I can masturbate?  Oh wait, I’m not suppose to do that either.  What’s God’s excuse for this?  Something like it’s a test to see how obedient you are to God?  That’s usually the reason when there’s no other logical one.  When you have rules like this you know there’s something fishy with religion.  If I’m not allowed to have sex before marriage then I shouldn’t be able to get an erection until I get married.

Drugs.  There’s drugs growing naturally everywhere.  If they weren’t meant to be taken by humans why do we enjoy them?  I’m not talking about the stuff you put up your nose or in your veins but stuff like mushrooms ( i think Joe Rogan has brainwashed me on this one).  They don’t kill people so why not? Oh ya, cause it’s against the law.  Law that man made.

Meat.  The word from vegan types is meat is bad for you and we’re not suppose to eat it.  Hold the bullcrap and just give me the bull.  Maybe we’re not suppose to eat so much of it especially the kind from factory farms but the craving for meat is strong.  Even other primates eat a little bit of meat when they can.

I don’t know man, I say do what you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone else or yourself.  Then again you’re hurting the animal if you’re eating meat.  Hmmmm. We probably only feel that way cause we’re a bunch of wussies now compared to when we were hunter gatherers with not so much sheltering.  “Oh dear lord, cover his eyes and ears.”



2 comments on “Sex, Drugs and Meat

  1. Archana says:

    Awesome post!!


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