My Paleo Journey

So there’s this thing call the Paleo Diet which is a type of diet that mimics the way hunter gatherers ate thousands of years ago.  It’s been part of my life since Oct 2010.  Basically it’s no grains, wheat, processed sugar, refined vegetable oils, dairy and anything else that makes you go mmmmm or yummmmm.  So what can you eat?  Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, some nuts and that’s pretty much it.

It’s somewhat well known in the healthy diet community so you can google it if you want to know more specifics.

How did I find out about it?

I have this friend who was doing it and she told me about it.  I told her she was stupid and retarded for just saying no to rice and bread.

Why did I do it?

Cause I’m stupid and retarded. I don’t know.  At that time my lifestyle was getting redundant and a change would have been easily embraced so I figured why not try and eat healthy for once in my life.  Everything about this diet seemed pretty natural for humans so that was encouraging.  I was curious as to what would happen after a lifetime of unhealthy food, lack of sleep, alcohol and drugs.

So how’d it go?

After the first week I got sick for 2 weeks.  I hardly ever get sick.  Once every 3  years maybe.  The sudden drop of calories just killed me.  It’s not a good idea to dive right in.  It’s like being a drug addict and then quitting cold turkey.  Also, I wasn’t educated enough about it.  I wasn’t used to eating many vegetables for most of my life so it didn’t occur to me filling my plate with vegetables to make up for the grains was a must.

What kind of changes occurred?

I lost weight.  I lost my protruding gut that I couldn’t get rid of for 7 years.  I looked hella skinny so it inspired me to start lifting weights again.

I never got stomach aches that followed with terrifying diarrhea again.  This used to happen pretty regularly.  Quite often my stomach had this uneasy feeling where I was kind of scared to eat anything for fear of having to run to the throne.  Doesn’t happen anymore.

Less acne.  I’ve had acne my whole life and sometimes pretty bad.  I’ve taken medication for it before but it was never a lasting solution.  I hardly ever get a breakout now where as before it was like all the time.  Conventional science will tell you there’s no connection between acne and diet but that’s a total myth.  It’s very related.

Other things that changed

This is a very socially depriving lifestyle for most people.  If you’re like me and most people a good majority of your social activities often involve eating out or ingestion of some kind of substances.  There are no restaurants that cater to this diet.  There are some that are better than others but that’s it.

My friends thought I was stupid, retarded, weird and some other stuff.  In actuality they didn’t really think this.  Me eating healthy and doing something good for myself was really just threatening a bit of their existence.  They didn’t want to think what they were doing was so bad and they didn’t want to change so in denial they had to be.  No offense really taken since I thought the same way.  I am the only one out of my group of friends who has gained a gut, lost it and kept it away.

What do I have to say about this after a year and a half?

It’s an inconvenient way of eating.  It’s not a lot of fun.  It’s good for you but not a lot of fun.  It’s definitely a lifestyle not a diet.

It seems impossible to gain weight or get fat.  Even when I eat unhealthy food for a week when I’m on vacation I will just end up losing any weight I gained.

I could never do this diet 100% strict and I don’t think anyone else could either unless their life depended on it.  There’s too much sin out there and everywhere.  I’m on the diet like the classic 80/20 rule.  When I do cheat too much though my body tells me.

In my opinion there are some universal rules for healthy eating like having lots of plant based foods and no processed foods.  I think some meat is good but I know there are people who don’t agree.

Diets are like religions.  There’s no 100% correct one.  Who’s to say for sure what our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago anyway?  Diets can be retarded like religions cause of all the nonsensical and anal rules.

I can’t see myself going back to my old ways.  It feels too good to go back.  I’m eating more like how a human is suppose to rather than the artificial food diet.  Once you convince yourself you’re putting stuff in your body that wasn’t meant for it you will probably not put so much of it in yourself.  I don’t know.  That’s what I think anyway.  A lot of it is in the mind.  I believe in this diet so much that I made a website.

I wonder if marijuana would be considered paleo?  It’s plant based and natural.  I suppose cocaine in it’s purest form might be too.  Sucking on a coca leaf?



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