Trailer Park Asians

My prediction for the somewhat near future involves the evolution of the western Asian.  Not only have we embraced the slang and fast food but also the laziness of this culture.  There will soon be Asians living in a trailer park near you.

I not so secretly have entertained the notion of living in a trailer.  I don’t see the big deal.  Some of those new trailers aren’t too shabby at all.  It’s closer to the way we’re suppose to be living.  More open and surrounded by members of your community without fences and gates.  Kind of like how the Native Indians lived with teepees.

“My Name is Earl” is one of my favourite shows!  I could totally live like them.  “Trailer Park Boys” is pretty good too.  I can imagine myself sitting outside of my trailer in my lawn chair with other lazy yellow fellows and embracing the simple life.  Only thing that could bother us is the possibility of our septic tanks backing up.

There was this show I watched long time ago and it was talking about how we’re known as the “model minority” cause we’re usually hard working, law abiding, do well in school.  Basically everything a good modern day slave driver would want.  Our passiveness makes us good cog turners as well.

These were traits passed on by our family members when not starving to death in a communist country was the essence of life.  Being poor and lazy is like the ultimate sin.  Punishable by stares of shame and lifelong words of resentment towards you.  The idea is to sacrifice all present happiness for the possible accomplishment of a “good living” cause if you don’t make good money, you’re not going to be happy anyway.

This is still pretty much happening today.  Majority of my Asian friends are still following this path.  Perhaps I’m the only one who’s going to be living in a trailer.  Me, the first one out of my family to ever live in a trailer.  Possibly the first Asian in this city or maybe even country!  Who am I kidding?  I’ll never be that great.  I feel sorry for my mother sometimes.  What you say about my mama?