Vacations are overrated

I’ve been finding vacations to be another one of those things that people feel they need to do in order to feel good about themselves.  To feel accomplished.  To be normal.  You know.  Not to feel like they’re losers in life.  My god, I’m cynical ain’t I?  I guess being positive doesn’t make for interesting reading.  Or maybe I think that cause I’m negative?  It’s Friday night and I’m home but that’s not the reason why this is sounding negative.  Am I negative or just real?

Before I continue sounding more real I will note that I really enjoy vacations and I went to Japan just a couple months ago.  I loved it.  I went for 10 days and it cost me $2500 including my plane ticket.  It’s the one place I’ve always wanted to go.  The reaction from most people is, “that’s cheap.”  Tokyo…pretty much the most expensive city you can go to in Asia.

If you think $2500 is cheap then you are either making good money or you’re brainwashed.  That’s $250 a day.  Can you imagine spending $250 a day in the city you live in?  That’s like 3 really expensive dinners a day.  I could have went crazy with that kind of money for 10 days here.  It’s pretty well equivalent to a bad drug habit. I guess what I’m getting at is that just like a drug binge a vacation is like another high.  You think you have to have it, you go, it’s awesome, you come back and you wish you could have more, you’re  poorer now, it becomes a memory and you get depressed but everyone’s still going to do it so you have to.

Travelling and vacations are 2 different things in my book.  Travelling is actually spending a decent amount of time in a place and getting to know the culture and not just sightseeing.

I’m not sure what this strong need that some people have to make going on a big vacation once or twice a year an absolute must.  What is it that they think it’s going to bring them?  Life long happiness?  Fulfillment?  It brings you nothing.  It’s just a short pause from your regular life that’s hell of expensive.  Oh wait, it brings great memories.  Memories are overrated too.  You just end up losing it when you get older.  It gets so blurry that you won’t even be able to decipher memories from imagination.

We feel getting away is a must because we tend to hate our regular lives.  We blame the first thing we see on the surface instead of the root of our issues and look for the quick fix as a bandage.  But hey, if you have more money than what you know what to do with then do whatever.

People seem to just love it when they get to tell everyone about all these faraway places they’ve been to like they’re showing off trophies.  Sometimes they even make it sound like a checklist.  “I’ve done Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.  In the next 5 years I want to do Africa, Hawaii and Siberia then I think I’m done.”
Admiring friend will say something like, “oh you’re so lucky. I wish I could go to those places.”
Ego is stroked.  Mission accomplished.

I think my new outlook is that I won’t feel this desire or need to take a big trip just because “it’s time.”  If it’s inexpensive then fine.  I definitely do not make even close to $2500 in 10 days.  I feel that people go to the places that they go to just to say they’ve been.  Paris?  You’ve never been?


4 comments on “Vacations are overrated

  1. Although I suppose I am one of those people who has a “checklist” of places they want to go to, I love to learn so it’s not just about “trophy showing.” But your post does resonate; it reminds me of a lot of people who do like to brag about traveling without giving it much thought (especially on WordPress; I dislike when people make posts with endless photos of themselves).


    • MrJohnson says:

      I noticed I didn’t reply to your comment. I’m sure you don’t care but I feel weird cause I reply to every comment usually. I must have just put it off and forgotten.

      But ya travelling can be a good time. Sometimes it comes down to, “why not?”. My favourite way to travel is when I know someone there. It makes it so much cooler. I’m kind of done with sightseeing though. The memory of it becomes pretty foggy at best.

      But ya, going to other countries or cities often beats sitting around the same old neighbourhood. If money isn’t an issue and the desire is there then for sure.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post, I love my regular life and I never feel like I need vacations. Why would I want to leave the life I love for 10 days? I prefer taking the most out of the place I live in. And I do make good money (I actually make more than the $250 a day you mention) but it´s not about the money, it´s about being 10 days away from the life I love that doesn’t let me think much about vacations.

    I do like to travel, however, but in order to enjoy things I don’t have in my place. For example, there are no ski centers here, so in the winter I take many days off to go skiing. Same with the beach. But I do it to enjoy it, not to show it off to people.

    I realized that since most people hate their lives and their jobs, and they don’t have any sense of fulfillment–being in a soulcrushing office all day probably doesn’t bring much happiness–, then they need to do something in order to fill accomplished. And since the job they hate at least gives them money and a few days off now and then, a vacation just makes sense.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I’ve got to say I’ve never heard that said before. “Why would I want to leave the life I love for 10 days?”. Vacations can be cool cause of the new place factor but it can be so annoying and stressful too. It’s always go go go and you just see things just to see it. The jet lag sucks big time. It’s like a horrible hangover.

      Damn, you make more than $250 a day? If I made that I would work for 10 years, save money and just retire hahaha. Or I might not. Who knows.

      Most people aren’t crazy about their lives and even less crazy about their jobs even though they might not admit it. Definitely agree with you that people feel the need to take advantage of the few weeks they have off. I think they’re also embarrassed to report to people that they didn’t do anything with their time off cause people are always like, “you should go somewhere”, “why didn’t you go anywhere?”. So annoying.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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