How the heck am I going to work for another 30 years?

21st century, 1st world slavery.  I’m not sure if it’s just one of those days or if it’s a real feeling but I totally felt like quitting my job today.  There’s nothing really wrong with the job, it’s just more than I want to do.  Too many days or too many hours.  30 more years of this crappolla?

I always get like this when I build up an arsenal in the bank.  Plus these days I’m such a minimalist compared to before so I don’t feel I need the money as much.  Isn’t this natural though?  See, in the natural world you look for food when you’re hungry then once you’re no longer hungry you stop looking for food until you’re hungry again.  In this f’d up world we keep hunting and gathering money for like 40 years straight without a break.  It’s like a non-stop starvation we have to try to satisfy.   We hunt and gather so much and we just spend a good portion of it on nothing or stuff we think is something but really is nothing but we figure we’d might as well otherwise all this H & G is for nothing.  It’s like hunting for all this food and then eating it and then barfing it out cause you have nothing else to do with it.

I understand the whole concept.  You can’t just quit cause you don’t know if you can find another job and your next job might be crappier so you stay.  But without a break you will go nuts.  I’m not just talking about a crap ass lame weekend where you end up doing chores and “get ready for the week” or a crap ass 2 or 3 weeks off a year.  You know in France they get a 5 week mandatory vacation a year not including statutory holidays and fulltime there is 35 hours a week with overtime for anymore than that.

Also, I don’t have a mortgage, wife and kids to satisfy so I guess I get to dream a little.  I’m starting to sympathize with all the deadbeat dads all of a sudden.  Give up your life for a woman you don’t really like and a kid you didn’t want  just cause nature tricked you into shooting some sperm into her.  I shouldn’t say that.  My dad was a deadbeat.  Or I can say that cause he was my deadbeat dad?  Kind of like how you can make fun of your own race?

So I guess the less reason you have to work the sooner you will go insane.  I probably wouldn’t be saying shit right now if I had a family.  I’d just suck it up and wait to die.  Some would probably be inclined to say, “you’ll never have a house and family with that attitude.”  I think I can live with myself.  That whole family stuff doesn’t consume my mind one bit.  They would also probably say,  “you just got to find something you enjoy doing.”  I’m not seeing anything out there for me right now in the working world.  Think I’ll just be a hippie.  I guess we’ll have to see.  It’s all good though.  Holy crap, writing this post actually made me feel better.  Anyway, I guess that’s enough ranting for this post.  I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


8 comments on “How the heck am I going to work for another 30 years?

  1. I feel ya. At 40, I’m looking at trying to mass a hoard of wealth so that I can eventually not have to work (retire) in twenty years. I figure you have to pay rent (by then it will probably be 2000/mo) and eat. That would be like 30000/yr. I barely have that much saved now. So I could retire for a year. Some advice on your job–find another one before quitting. When you do, give them a date to start such that you can take a vacation.


    • mindo240 says:

      Ya that’s good advice. Can’t say I’ve ever done that though 🙂 I always say screw it and just quit. But I don’t think this time I’ll be jumping ship until I got another job or new life lined up. If I don’t have enough money after retirement I’ll just call it a life and starve to death.


  2. mamaji says:

    Spot on. It shocks me how obvious it is slavery, you get a Job, you live for work, for the next forty years. If you don’t you have no food. So decide, you slave.

    And interestingly when I tell people oh yes another day as a slave fun fun they look at me like I’m insane. That always surprises me. But then I guess they’re so used to doing what they’re told that they’ll carry on without questioning it till they die. Or reject me As being insane because they want to deny the truth to themselves for as long as they can. I duno.


  3. kalyrical says:

    You know what else sucks? Dreading work before you’re even out of University, like me. I honestly wonder what there is to look forward to.
    I guess i’ll be spending my whole working years saving up for retirement, but then I’ll probably end up dying early anyway…


    • mindo240 says:

      Ya that definitely sounds dreadful! I believe the scientific term is premature dreading which is not very scientific cause I made it up. Don’t worry about the future and just enjoy the present cause that’s all you can control for sure. Worrying about the future is just wasting the present and presently you got your youth and that is super awesome. You’re going to die early? hahhaha.. How can you be so sure? Just eat more broccoli 🙂


      • kalyrical says:

        I didn’t realize the bliss that was high school until I got into university. I don’t think i’ll appreciate university until I leave it. For now, it’s my living hell. But on the other hand, more broccoli it is then XD Ahaha!


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