All Humans belong closer to the equator

Since I started this journey of mental and physical health, I am a total believer that humans naturally belong in a warm climate all year round.

We are hairless. God supplied us with everything we needed naturally to survive and clothes wasn’t one of them.   I live in Canada.  If I had no clothes or artificial heat I’d be dead before the sundown.  Even in the summer I wouldn’t fare too well overnight.  Humans need to be in an environment where they can walk around naked and not shiver.

But humans can build fires you say.   We also suck at building fires.  Given all the knowledge that we have of how to build a fire in the woods we are still pretty incompetent.  If you gave me a lighter and dry wood it would still be a challenge.  Imagine trying to build a fire by rubbing sticks and banging rocks together.

A good percentage of the developed population is vitamin D deficient.  Why?  Cause we don’t get enough sun and there just isn’t a lot of foods out there that naturally contain vitamin D.  Certain types of fishes contain the most vitamin D and apart from that all the other foods are not a very high source.  Yes, milk contains vitamin D but only because it’s added.  The story behind that was, long time ago kids started getting rickets because of vitamin D deficiency so they started a milk program in schools and started adding vitamin D to milk.

Lack of vitamin D can cause a whole range of disorders including osteoporosis and depression.  We were meant to have sun!  The sun is by far the best source of vitamin D.

Where do most of the fruits and vegetables naturally grow?  Places closest to the equator.  Everytime I go to the supermarket all the fruits especially the good ones are grown in warm climates.  The only ones we get here are apples and berries and not even all year round.  Humans were meant to consume large amounts of plant based foods.  We suck at hunting.  We’re better at picking and peeling.

Humans thrive best in daylight.   Instead during most of the year we awake when it’s dark and by the time we get home from work it’s dark.  If we didn’t have artificial light we would only have daylight for about 9 hours in the winter and be forced to sit in the dark for 15.  In regions near the equator the hours are more suited for humans.  12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.

There’s so little sun up here in the winter time that people get depressed and they actually have a name for it.  SAD, seasonal affective disorder.  The 4 seasons are not suppose to be spring, summer, fall and depression.  I can go on and on but it’s the middle of winter, dark and I’m feeling too sad.


One comment on “All Humans belong closer to the equator

  1. caracaleo says:

    the title of this post is amazing in itself


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