No Misery Equals Happiness

Sounds obvious but I never understood it until recently.  We as human beings are naturally supposed to be happy like little kids and dogs.  Whatever God there is out there didn’t intend happiness to be something we need to accomplish like climbing Everest.

Along the road somewhere though we created clouds of misery to block the light of happiness.  Misery is like a compilation of negative emotions and these kinds of emotions are entirely mind made.  Like man made disasters there’s mind made disasters.  Sadness, fear, anxiety, greed, you name it.  You can have all these great people and things in your life but if you have even one thing bugging you it will be a dominant force in your life.  We’ve all heard the saying, “be grateful for what you have” but I think you’ll agree hardly anyone is and that’s because the negative emotions are superior.

My life isn’t one to be envied by the general population but I’m feeling alright these days.  Better than alright and I have nothing going on in my life right now that’s exciting.  Whereas before I was bombarded by negative emotions with periods of brief artificial light.  It was all in my head.

Ask yourself what bothers you the most and then ask why.  If you’re honest with yourself and question everything to the root then you will find the true answer.  The root usually comes down to some kind of superficial fear.


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