Economical Home Theater

In these days of financial hardship it gives us unwanted opportunities to change our ways for the better.  Begin a journey down the road of less consumerism and to detox from the grip of what we think is vital an important to our lives.

You would be hard pressed to find a handful of peers that do not own a large flat panel television and the ones that do are always pressing you to buy one cause “you got to have one.”  I have to have one cause you have one, that’s what they’re pretty much saying.  “Be like me so I feel better about my life that I secretly feel might not end in happiness but everyone else is doing it so if you can’t beat them join them.”  My god was that ever cynical.  But true? We’ll see I guess.  Or not.

I have been sitting on a uncomfortable Ikea plastic chair when I use my computer but stumbled upon the idea to use my patio lounge chair purchased at Canadian Tire.  For you non Canadians, Canadian Tire is like Sears and Home Depot combined but smaller and also sells auto parts.  If you live outside of North America I don’t know what a similar equivalent is.


LCD monitor:  19″ Acer from 2006
Media player: AMD Duo Core with 2 gigs of ram, also from 2006
Speakers: 2 channel Labtec from 2000
Recliner: Zero Gravity Lounge Chair from Canadian Tire

My mind got to thinking because I hated watching stuff on my computer cause the plastic Ikea chair was uncomfortable so that actually got me to thinking to just buy a new flat panel television with a USB port so I could watch downloaded shows through a USB stick.

Screw it! I just saved myself $600.  Probably more cause you know what happens once you buy a 1080p tv.  You go and buy a Blu-ray player and some Blu-ray DVDs.

I myself have not conquered the material bug but I definitely am less of a consumer than the general employed public.  I didn’t get a cellphone or high speed internet until 2004.  I’ve been driving the same used car since 1999 and it was already 7 years old when I bought it.  Currently, I’m still using a non-smart phone and don’t want to change cause I don’t want to pay for a data plan.  As usual I have gone off topic but that’s just the way my mind works.  This is why I always got poor marks in high school English.  Possibly this is why I’m also poor.  Poor me. Pour some sugar on me.


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