The only thing more boring than watching someone sleep is reading about someone else’s  sleeping life but even if that’s true at least it will help you sleep.

My whole life I hardly ever got enough sleep.  High school was a struggle to wake up and after school I would always fall asleep in front of the TV.  Sleeping was just not a priority and was super underrated.  Getting 8 hours asleep didn’t really add to your coolness or get you any girls.

After graduation the workforce didn’t help my sleeping situation much.  I continued to only get 5 hours of sleep usually.  I was a zombie! There’s people out there who function just fine with little sleep but after a couple decades of life, I’ve realized I’m not one of them.  I’m irritable, unhappy and just lazy mentally and physically if I don’t get 7-8 hours and I only realized recently lack of sleep was the issue.

Why am I even writing about this?  Cause it’s a major health issue, physically and mentally.  Chronic lack of sleep really f’s with your hormones which will screw with your body.  It basically causes stress within your body.  Sleeping is good for your health!  No joke bloke.

I used to think I hated my job cause of the job but after I started sleeping properly I realized a good or bad day at work depended on how many hours of sleep I got.  The world is brighter.

You have to be on a schedule too.  You just can’t sleep at anytime and expect to feel just as good just cause you got 8 hours.  I had many months of not having to wake up at anytime but I still felt like crap cause I would sleep at all different hours depending on the social activity I engaged.  Waking in the morning hours does actually make you feel better.

So do yourself a favour and sleep like it’s your job.  Get to bed the same time everynight no matter what cause you don’t want to be late, sleep 8 hours and when you get off your sleep shift you’ll be energized and happy just like when you’re free from your crappy job after 8 hours.  Trust me it will change your life and you’ll never look back.  I’m not sure why I’m assuming whoever is reading this is not getting enough sleep but that just seems to be the norm and the norm is usually wrong and you don’t want to be wrong.


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