If you believe it’s healthy then it is

How do you we decipher what is healthy and what is not?  Pretty much from the information we get from the “experts” or information that has been popular for decades.  We don’t even question it or think about it.  Milk?  It does the body good, strong bones, teeth and a bunch of other things.  Milk is bullshit.  How would you get milk if you couldn’t buy it from the store?  Would you suck it from a cow and would the cow let you suck it?  Are there any other adult mammals drinking milk?

But you need milk to help prevent osteoporosis? Apparently the nations that consume the most dairy have the highest rates of osteoporosis.  Just because milk contains calcium doesn’t mean your body can absorb it in that form.  Our bodies only work well with natural food sources.  I hate it when people think milk is natural but I guess it’s not their fault.  Even if cows and milk weren’t pumped with shit hormones it still wouldn’t be natural to humans.

I used to feel guilty about eating more than a few eggs a week cause of the whole cholesterol thing but now that I don’t believe it I no longer feel the guilt.  I guess it’s all in the mind just like with everything else in life.  If you feel sadness or discontent with your life on enough days then you have to look to improve the internal and not the external.  External being money, people, job, accomplishments, fitting in, etc.  Internal being your perceptions, beliefs, ego, thoughts, etc.

It’s super difficult to change the internal.  Often you have to strip away everything you think is important to you, the things that make you, you.  I can honestly say I couldn’t do this.  It had to be forced upon me.  If the devil even has a hold of even an ounce of you then you will never be free.


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