Moshi Moshi

I’ve been in Tokyo, Japan for the last 1o days.  It’s freaking amazing!  They definitely have a culture of their own.  The workers in any field are so polite.  When you buy something from 7-11 they treat you like you bought a new car off them.  It makes me want to be more polite at my job.

In my little mind I figure the concept is that most Japanese work really  hard for their money so if they come into your place to spend money you should show how grateful you are.  If that’s not the main reason than it should be at least a reason.

Sometimes when a person travels to a less advanced world they come back more appreciative of their life.  I feel this way now after visiting Japan which is more advanced technologically than probably the rest of the world.  Everyone works so much longer and harder than people in the western world but I’m sure we complain a lot more than they do.  Well, I do anyway.  I think we got it ok here but I will still complain.  You’re welcome.

After my trip to Tokyo I can get a sense of why we’re so amazed by their city and why they would be in awe of a city like Vancouver.  I nearly pissed my pants with excitement by all their lights, culture and advanced technology while they would wet themselves seeing all the mountains, parks and tall white people.  There’s not a lot of grass on the ground in Tokyo.  It’s so much concrete and buildings and not the kind of open space we’re used to at the many parks North America has.  You’ll see the odd bush but even then it’s pretty sparse.  Like a bush dying of cancer.

The more graphic the figure the more expensive.  39,800 yen is about $400 in US dollars.  Lots of boys and men go to these places.  I think they collect.

Japanese Donuts: Donuts and other sweets are very popular in Tokyo. The ones you see here are like $4 to $5 donuts. An American was telling me how he couldn’t believe how Japan made better donuts than America. Well, he said “better than the western world” but he hesitated before he said “western world.”

Ginza is a high class district in Tokyo. Nice shops, restaurants and lights.

Another image of Ginza

Inside a train just outside of Tokyo around 7pm on a weekday.

“Our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity.”

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