Driving while yapping

We had that law passed in Vancouver over a year ago where you can’t be talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.  Since cell phones have been available people have been talking while driving but since this law has been passed people will give you the stink eye if they see you talking and driving.  It shows you how brainwashed people are.  In their mindset, the the law determines if something is right or wrong.

Marijuana, bad.  Alcohol, ok.  Cigarettes, ok.  People who sell alcohol and cigarettes, ok.  People who sell marijuana, bad.  No one has ever died from smoking too much marijuana.  That’s just a fact.  A stoner is also not likely to start an argument or a fight with you.  There is no hangover or impairment in the morning from smoking weed the night before.  I’d much rather be friends with a pot head than an alcoholic.  An alcoholic cannot function in society.  I’ve had friends in high school that smoked a joint before a test and got 80%.  The list goes on with alcohol but I’m too lazy to get into it all.  I’m just lazy not stoned, by the way.  Actually I don’t believe in laziness.  There’s no such thing.  There’s only uninspired.


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