Like a kid

Once in a while you’ll hear someone say something about how being a kid was the best cause there were no worries and that was when life was blissful.  You’ll also hear how it’s not like that anymore cause of all this grown up stuff.  I was thinking about that today and thought to myself why can’t we just feel care free and happy like a kid again?  More so why don’t we?

My semi-conclusion is that our thoughts are all about dwelling in the past or worrying or anticipating about the future and sometimes distant future like 30 years from now.  What other species thinks that far into the future?  None.  Our brain is the main feature that makes us superior to other species but it also makes us inferior at the same time.  I don’t think your pet dog thinks about retirement or what it’s going to do when its hair gets too long.  Rover is just thinking about now.

So what stops people from just saying, “screw it” I’m not going to think about this or that anymore?  I would say their ego.  They feel their duty in life is to satisfy this ego in order to be able to be happy.  Your ego is another person and not really you.  Worried about how they will be perceived by their circle of people.  Trying their best to convince everyone and themselves that they live a good life and if they can’t, trying their best to hide the aspects of their life they deem as sad.

I’m starting to feel like a kid again because, well, I just care less nowadays.  I care less about the stuff that doesn’t matter.  Be like Rover.


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