Yes, I want to be exactly like you

Often when we are given advice by someone it’s usually advice on how to be more like them.  Why is that?   When you can convince people to do what you do no matter how much you’re suffering while doing it, you feel a bit more empowered.  Misery loves company, I guess.

I’ve been having a bit of anxiety lately cause I’ve been planning a short trip to Japan.  I realize the anxiety stemmed from the fact that nothing was put in motion yet.  Until you buy the plane ticket, you’re not going.  It’s that simple.  Last night I finally bought it online and once I clicked that “purchase” button all that anxiety just left my mind.  I was waiting on this girl at work to change some of my vacation days but I just said, screw it, I’ll just deal with what I have cause I don’t got a lot of time to wait.

Some people.  They just don’t care about other people’s lives.   I bet you if I became violent she would have moved on it faster cause violence solves problems.  It may create other problems but it can solve some as well.   She wouldn’t be so slow if I raised my fist up to the gods and rained thunder in her face.  “So are you going to change it now?”


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