Chasing and maintaining but not really enjoying

I have a story.  I have a friend.  When he was in high school his grandfather was about 65 and about a month away from retiring.  You are probably getting a sense of where this story is going.  Right before he retired he was diagnosed with cancer and not long after that he passed away.  On his death bed he said to my friend, “I worked my whole life being responsible, paying for my mortgage, family and everything else.  I was waiting to retire to enjoy my life.  Josh, don’t be like me.  Enjoy your life.”

From what I can see most people in society spend most of their time and energy trying to attain certain things and when they do achieve them they spend additional time protecting it and maintaining it.  Hardly any of their time is spent enjoying what they worked for.  Always working and looking towards the future.  It’s like they’re building an apartment high rise with no ceiling.  Achieve one goal and immediately start working on the next.

Go to school, get a “good job”, buy a house, have kids and once you can’t walk or talk right that’s when you retire and start enjoying your life.   Don’t have a mind of your own.   It’s ok though cause people will respect you cause you suffered the same way they did cause “that’s how life is.”

Often our desires just lead to suffering.  Desire never ends in happiness.  It just turns into more desire or more suffering from maintaining and protecting what you achieved.





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