Free or…… not

I was cleaning my closet and remembered I had a printer with no ink.  I figured I’d give it away since I hardly use it and don’t want to replace the ink so I put it on Craigslist in the “free” section.  Someone responded pretty quickly and wrote, “for free?  Sure I’ll take it.”  That made me think that I was giving away a deal and made me change my mind.  Hahahahahaha.  I’m such a butthead.  Just cause of the way he wrote that message made me changed my mind.

I thought ink would be expensive and not worth it but it was only $20 so that’s ok.  I’m going to start a new things on my posts.  I’m going to incorporate a quote that I like at the end of each post.  Here’s the first.


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

-Albert Einstein



That was my lunch today.  It’s also similar to what I have everyday.  I steam vegetables and have piece of meat.  Sometimes I’ll add a sweet potato or something but usually it takes too much time.  What you see here is  baby bok choy, cauliflower steamed for a few minutes and lamb shoulder baked for 20 minutes.

If you were looking to lose weight and feel better, eating something like this for a while would probably do it.

Driving while yapping

We had that law passed in Vancouver over a year ago where you can’t be talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.  Since cell phones have been available people have been talking while driving but since this law has been passed people will give you the stink eye if they see you talking and driving.  It shows you how brainwashed people are.  In their mindset, the the law determines if something is right or wrong.

Marijuana, bad.  Alcohol, ok.  Cigarettes, ok.  People who sell alcohol and cigarettes, ok.  People who sell marijuana, bad.  No one has ever died from smoking too much marijuana.  That’s just a fact.  A stoner is also not likely to start an argument or a fight with you.  There is no hangover or impairment in the morning from smoking weed the night before.  I’d much rather be friends with a pot head than an alcoholic.  An alcoholic cannot function in society.  I’ve had friends in high school that smoked a joint before a test and got 80%.  The list goes on with alcohol but I’m too lazy to get into it all.  I’m just lazy not stoned, by the way.  Actually I don’t believe in laziness.  There’s no such thing.  There’s only uninspired.

Like a kid

Once in a while you’ll hear someone say something about how being a kid was the best cause there were no worries and that was when life was blissful.  You’ll also hear how it’s not like that anymore cause of all this grown up stuff.  I was thinking about that today and thought to myself why can’t we just feel care free and happy like a kid again?  More so why don’t we?

My semi-conclusion is that our thoughts are all about dwelling in the past or worrying or anticipating about the future and sometimes distant future like 30 years from now.  What other species thinks that far into the future?  None.  Our brain is the main feature that makes us superior to other species but it also makes us inferior at the same time.  I don’t think your pet dog thinks about retirement or what it’s going to do when its hair gets too long.  Rover is just thinking about now.

So what stops people from just saying, “screw it” I’m not going to think about this or that anymore?  I would say their ego.  They feel their duty in life is to satisfy this ego in order to be able to be happy.  Your ego is another person and not really you.  Worried about how they will be perceived by their circle of people.  Trying their best to convince everyone and themselves that they live a good life and if they can’t, trying their best to hide the aspects of their life they deem as sad.

I’m starting to feel like a kid again because, well, I just care less nowadays.  I care less about the stuff that doesn’t matter.  Be like Rover.


Last night I went to go eat hotpot with a couple friends.  If you have no clue what hotpot is, it’s a type of Chinese cuisine.  Basically, you get a pot of soup of your choice and it’s continuously boiling on a table with a built in hotplate and you order a bunch of things and you huck it in there.  Everyone gets a strainer like spoon to scoop things out and you dip it in a sauce concoction.

To give you an idea of what you can order we had beef slices, lamb slices, beef balls, shrimp balls, dumplings, wontons, spinach, watercress, liver, turnip, oysters, mushrooms.  There’s a whole bunch of other stuff you can get.  Some of it similar to stuff you see on that show Fear Factor.

It’s pretty healthy and very primal/paleo since you don’t have to order any carb enriched foods and there’s no added vegetable oils.  You can order lots of vegetables too.


$18.95 – All you can eat

Location: Richmond, BC

Name: U-Good

Yes, I want to be exactly like you

Often when we are given advice by someone it’s usually advice on how to be more like them.  Why is that?   When you can convince people to do what you do no matter how much you’re suffering while doing it, you feel a bit more empowered.  Misery loves company, I guess.

I’ve been having a bit of anxiety lately cause I’ve been planning a short trip to Japan.  I realize the anxiety stemmed from the fact that nothing was put in motion yet.  Until you buy the plane ticket, you’re not going.  It’s that simple.  Last night I finally bought it online and once I clicked that “purchase” button all that anxiety just left my mind.  I was waiting on this girl at work to change some of my vacation days but I just said, screw it, I’ll just deal with what I have cause I don’t got a lot of time to wait.

Some people.  They just don’t care about other people’s lives.   I bet you if I became violent she would have moved on it faster cause violence solves problems.  It may create other problems but it can solve some as well.   She wouldn’t be so slow if I raised my fist up to the gods and rained thunder in her face.  “So are you going to change it now?”

I didn’t get sick

Just wanted to let you know regarding my post a few days ago about eating sweet potatoes left in the oven for a day.  I am happy to report there have been no signs of an attack on my bowels or my anus.  Now your mind will be set free if you should ever encounter the same dilemma.  You’re welcome.  Saaaaweeeet potato!