More health and fitness myths

The inspiration for this post is from my lunch outing today.  I was overhearing a group of young guys in their early 20’s talking about cardio and burning fat.  This one guy who made himself sound like the expert was directing advice to his heavier friend on how you need to do cardio for 20 minutes before you tap into burning your fat storage.  This is very common traditional knowledge but does not really even make sense logically let alone scientifically. I forgave this guy in my head  cause I used to buy into and dish out the same conventional BS.

The thing about scientific research studies on health and fitness is that there are too many variables left out.  How can you claim 20 minutes is what everyone needs to do?  Everyone is different and often very different.  My friend drinks half a beer and he’s drunk.  I drink about 5 and my other friends vary from 2 to 15.

You don’t really tap into your fat storage until your muscles are out of its energy stores and that doesn’t happen very easily when you eat a diet based on high carbohydrates/sugar.  It’s like buying 10 cans of spam a week cause it’s on sale but only being able to eat 5.  Your earthquake storage is going to gain a lot of weight.  If there’s anything that can be classified as mystery meat it would be spam.

I think the  concept of cardio is retarded anyway.  Why would a human ever jog for long periods of time.  You would either run really fast or walk.  I can see jogging happening but only for a very short moment.  Have you ever seen an animal on those nature shows just jogging for 60 minutes for no damn reason at all?  If aliens are watching us they probably think we’re retarded.  “Why are these humans running in circles but not appearing to be chasing or running from anything?  They look like they’re suffering but they keep on going.  Ziron, I have concluded these humans live to suffer.”


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