Retirement or Death

I was reading the paper today and they had a couple articles that caught my eye.  One was how people will not be able to retire at 65 anymore and will probably have to work until their 70’s.  The other was about how we’re all living longer.

My thoughts on later retirement are pretty simple.  I don’t think I want to.  But I see a potentially bigger issue.  We’re living longer but not living healthier.  With peoples health declining there’s going to be a problem with older people being able to work.  There’s already a crap load of people forced into early retirement cause of some kind of disability.  What are people going to do when they’re old, unable to work and don’t have enough money.  Apparently our pensions aren’t something to look forward to either cause it won’t be enough they say.  I’m going to have to guess housing will be more expensive in the future too.

The fact that the world has only gotten crappier decade after decade, I can only see 2 things happening in the kind of world we’re used to living in.  It’s either going to be a really shitty time to be alive or this world is going to transform into something so unimaginable like going to the moon 100 years ago.

Maybe it will get so bad that there will be a suicide trend the old and sick do.  No money, no roof, no social assistance,  see ya later.  Sounds crazy but we did see a glimpse of it during the recession.  I suppose another possibility is the Armageddon will happen before any of this and Jesus Christ will rain down on the wicked and save the righteous (please pick me, please pick me).


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