Black Jeans

After writing my last post and mentioning fashion trends it got me thinking about myself when I was 13 and I nagged my mom at the mall to buy me an $80 pair of black Guess jeans.  I distinctly remember how frightened she was of the price tag and how she so didn’t want to for out that kind of money for them.  What I don’t distinctly remember was why I wanted them so bad that I would make my mother who was a low wage worker pay pretty much a days wage for them.

During my years leading up to high school I was very far from being a spoiled brat who wanted everything.  I was always conscious of the fact that my mom worked long and hard everyday for not much money.  Nike Air’s were all the thing back then but I felt so bad spending my mom’s money that I would just get regular Nike’s or some cheap name brand that seemed to mimic Nike.  I was the only kid who didn’t have a Nintendo.  We never went on vacations or had nice dinners.  I didn’t get on a plane until I was 22!

I must have almost killed her that day.  She probably had trouble sleeping that night.  My guess is that she just wanted to see me happy once in a while.  All that just for a pair of jeans so I could fit in or at least try to.  A freaking piece of denim made in a 3rd world country marked up 300% that gets worn, thrown away and forgotten about.



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