Usually when you think of trends you think of young people in high school following the crowd and whatever the media throws at them.  In high school you have fashion trends, going to the mall, listening to the newest music, smoking cigarettes.  Straight out of high school you have maybe drugs, nightclubs and more fashion trends.

The thing about trends is that it never ends for most people.  They just don’t see it as trends.  They see it as life or growing up or “that’s the way it is.”  I hate it when people say that.  That’s the way it is if you don’t have your own brain and listen to it.  The only difference between young person trends and adulthood trends is that the latter cost more money and takes more of your life.

You have to have a car.  You have to get married and if you do get married you have to have kids.  You have to have a wedding cause it’s is your big special day so that’s why it’s going to be exactly like the last 4 weddings you went to and very possibly at the very same place.  Own property?  Of course.  You can’t rent.  Ewww.  A 25 year mortgage is what you want even if you can barely make ends meet.   You have to have blu-ray and you have to watch it on at least a 46″ lcd television but soon you have to watch it on a 46″ inch led television.

Just like in high school, if you don’t follow the trends everyone will look down on you and you don’t want that cause that wouldn’t be cool.   Cool like Joe Camel.  You got to admit those Joe Camel ads were pretty cool.    Also like high school trends when you look back at them you realize how retarded they were and how you were retarded for buying into it and if you could go back you wouldn’t have wasted your time and energy and your life.  And you’re not suppose begin a sentence with “and” and you shouldn’t use “and” more than once in a sentence.


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