Mike Tyson

Like the majority of people I used to think Mike Tyson was a psychotic unintelligent psychotic  woman beater.  My reasons for thinking this was pretty simple.  TV only showed us what was most interesting about him and exaggerated it as much as possible.  Besides showing what a great boxer he was, the only other video clips you would see of him was getting into trouble with the law or going off on some kind of rage in front of the cameras.

About a year ago I watched the documentary “Tyson” and it blew me away.  I saw this side of him that was never revealed by media.  He was very philosophical, intelligent and very genuine.  He lived a life that very few people live or even hear about.   I found it also very inspiring how he came to be the great boxer that he was and his fall from grace.

After watching that show I no longer think of him as a crazy muscle bound freakazoid.  If I was Ebert I would give it a big thumbs up which he did and recommend that you give it a watch.

Trailer for Tyson


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