My Saturday

So a few friends (yes I know I made it sound like I’m a loner in my previous post.  I just don’t hang out with friends very regularly) and I decided to head to the city core to get a pulled pork sandwich from this food cart that has been all the rage since it came out.  “All the rage” or “all the rave”?  I like “all the rave” but apparently it’s not the correct one.  We had all heard about the Occupy Vancouver protest that was going to happen but none of us remembered it was happening that day.  I guess it’s our version of the Occupy Wall Street thingy that’s been happening all over the world.

I’m kind of torn when it comes to the subject.  I do agree capitalism has gone overboard at the expense of people and the environment but I also think some people are being a bunch of bitches.  Times have changed and you can’t expect life to be a walk in the park or if you do don’t expect to get paid much for it.  Populations in major cities have risen quite substantially over the past couple decades so you can expect a smaller piece of the pie and housing to be more expensive.  It sucks but hey, as long as you work any job you’ll always have food and a roof over your head.  This protesting is good though.  It’s a building block for change and I’m glad there are people doing it cause I’m not going to.

When they say there aren’t a lot of jobs out there right now, to me I think it’s more like there’s not a lot of desirable jobs out there.  This country is begging people from overseas to come over to work all these lower wage jobs cause no Canadian wants to do them.  My final word on this for now is that we tend to want too much in terms of material goods and a lifestyle we think we have to have.    Yes, we’re constantly being tempted and tricked but we have to take some responsibility for our spending and debts.

Back to the pulled pork.   So they call it the Re-up and it was all the crap.  The only benefit of the doubt I can give them is that it was a Saturday and not a weekday when they’re smoking busy and are more prepared.   Sauce was too tangy, the bun was cold and the pulled pork was pulled out of someone’s arse.  This girl who was manning the cart didn’t even give a crap.  I don’t think she even wanted to be there cause smiles weren’t free.  Consider this to be  my food review.

My friend was being mocked sarcastically by a passer by of the Occupy Vancouver mob.  So she says, “How’s that pulled pork?  Good?”  We later concluded that she was a meat hater and was mocking him.  Things people are brave enough to do when they are with a bunch of people.  Should have threw it in her face.


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