Things I’ve realized living without friends

Sounds sad doesn’t it?  I would have thought the same thing just a few months prior.  Truth is, it’s probably one of the better things that have happened in my life.  People disconnect with their friends for many reasons.   Mine?   I just didn’t belong.  There was also a big turning point but I won’t get into this today.   This is usually where Doogie Howser MD would end his nightly journal but I will go on.

I think for years I knew I didn’t belong but I was comfortable and couldn’t even entertain the notion to separate from guys I’ve grew up with for 15 to 20 years.  That’s pretty much like family.   To give you and idea how it was like, there used to be like 10 to 15 of us hanging out all the time for like 15 to 20 years.    I just don’t enjoy the company no more now and we have nothing in common.  Well, this is what I realized,

– My head is much more clear.  I don’t think about all these people and situations whether it be past, present or future.

-My life is my life now, not wasted time being spent accommodating or making appearances for other people.

-I’m happy to spend money now cause it’s all for me and not for doing things that other people wanted to do.  Just like in the past majority won but presently I’m always the majority so I always win.

-I hardly ever care about being judged cause I don’t have this network I used to think about when making decisions big or small.

I don’t think having friends are a bad thing and I’m not saying I don’t have any but you have to associate with people you connect with otherwise there will be a lot of negativity for you and that is not G double O D.  Maybe you connected for many years but life changes and people change.  It’s difficult to even think friends of 20 years should not be friends anymore but I think it does happen.  I could go on and on about this subject but I’ll save it for later.   You want to know what the true test of friendship is?  The true test of friendship is if someone says “happy birthday” to you on your Facebook wall.  For some reason I feel I have to indicate that was a joke.


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