I used to always believe a strong foundation consisted of the right people around you and a passion for something in your life.  Not sure if I still believe that.  I believe it’s a stronger foundation than superficial things like being cool or having some kind of status but they are still things that can disappear from your life pretty easily.

People, as loyal as you may think they are can leave your life for many different reasons.  They just might not feel you no more, too busy for you or even die.   The chances of people growing apart in a lifetime are pretty high.   A passion for something in life?  That can die too and many times it’s just not enough to keep your mind strong and happy.  You can’t depend on anyone or anything but yourself.

You are the only one who is guaranteed to be with you for the rest of your life.  No one makes you happy but you.  Your happiness kind of falls into the popular 80% and 20% law.  It’s 80% you and 20% external.  That 20% involves things like the people and things around you.  It’s a supplement.  When everything crumbles in your life you’ll always want to have yourself as the foundation cause it’s the strongest foundation you can have.  How would you cope if you revolved your happiness around the 20% and it evaded you somehow?  Respect yourself, drop the ego cause you’re not that special and don’t expect the world from other people cause you’re going to be disappointed.  If you can truly live without caring about the judgement of others you will build a stronger you.   I know I’ve used the word “things” too many times instead of a more proper word but it’s late for me right now so there you go.  Mind and body.  Goodnight.


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