Sleep is underrated

Yes it is.  If we were to list the things that we would do to live a healthy life, sleep isn’t usually at the top of the list.  It’s always eating better, exercising or cutting out bad sinful habits like drugs and alcohol.

I’ve battled sleep deprivation for most of my life since I started high school.   I found sleep just got in the way of staying up.  For the past little while I’ve been sleeping about 8 hours waking up the same time every morning.  That is another key to sleeping well, which is waking up at a normal human hour.  Normal hour to me is around the time or shortly after the sun comes up.  I used to get 8 hours of sleep in my unemployed days but I was sleeping at 3am and waking up at 11am and it just wasn’t the same.  Don’t ask me why.  But I guess without artificial light and alarm clocks we would be sleeping when it got dark and waking up when it got bright.  “Got” is a proper English language word in my vocab.  However, we have light bulbs and entertainment to keep us up as long as we want and curtains that keep us in the dark as long as we want.
How has sleeping more normally helped me?  Obviously, more energy but my favourite is that my mood is way better.  I’m more positive and pleasant.  Goes a long way.  I’m not sure but I think I would rather sleep well for the rest of my life than eat a healthy diet but luckily I have the option to do both.  It’s just another example of how unnatural we all live and how living naturally can solve a lot of your mental and physical health issues no matter how small.


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