“We’re all getting fatter except you”

That’s what one of my high school friend’s said to me recently.   I know it’s kind of wrong sometimes to be lipping off about the way I eat to people who just don’t care but I can’t help it sometimes.  I feel this way because I’ve seen how it’s changed my life and seeing my friends who have been consistently gaining weight since high school makes me want to help them.  These guys all have protruding stomachs and it doesn’t look too good on them cause they don’t exactly have the Hells Angels Biker dude type of body.  They want to lose weight but don’t want to do what it takes and it’s understandable.  When I tell them to cut the sugary drinks and snacks they seem on board with that but when I say cut down on the starches like rice, bread, noodles etc that’s when the defense mechanism kicks in.  But the evidence is there, we all had beer belly’s and now I don’t.  It’s definitely hard to break free from the mindset of what is food and what is not.  The government and food industry should be credited for much of the blame for putting economics before anything else.


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