More health and fitness myths

The inspiration for this post is from my lunch outing today.  I was overhearing a group of young guys in their early 20’s talking about cardio and burning fat.  This one guy who made himself sound like the expert was directing advice to his heavier friend on how you need to do cardio for 20 minutes before you tap into burning your fat storage.  This is very common traditional knowledge but does not really even make sense logically let alone scientifically. I forgave this guy in my head  cause I used to buy into and dish out the same conventional BS.

The thing about scientific research studies on health and fitness is that there are too many variables left out.  How can you claim 20 minutes is what everyone needs to do?  Everyone is different and often very different.  My friend drinks half a beer and he’s drunk.  I drink about 5 and my other friends vary from 2 to 15.

You don’t really tap into your fat storage until your muscles are out of its energy stores and that doesn’t happen very easily when you eat a diet based on high carbohydrates/sugar.  It’s like buying 10 cans of spam a week cause it’s on sale but only being able to eat 5.  Your earthquake storage is going to gain a lot of weight.  If there’s anything that can be classified as mystery meat it would be spam.

I think the  concept of cardio is retarded anyway.  Why would a human ever jog for long periods of time.  You would either run really fast or walk.  I can see jogging happening but only for a very short moment.  Have you ever seen an animal on those nature shows just jogging for 60 minutes for no damn reason at all?  If aliens are watching us they probably think we’re retarded.  “Why are these humans running in circles but not appearing to be chasing or running from anything?  They look like they’re suffering but they keep on going.  Ziron, I have concluded these humans live to suffer.”


Retirement or Death

I was reading the paper today and they had a couple articles that caught my eye.  One was how people will not be able to retire at 65 anymore and will probably have to work until their 70’s.  The other was about how we’re all living longer.

My thoughts on later retirement are pretty simple.  I don’t think I want to.  But I see a potentially bigger issue.  We’re living longer but not living healthier.  With peoples health declining there’s going to be a problem with older people being able to work.  There’s already a crap load of people forced into early retirement cause of some kind of disability.  What are people going to do when they’re old, unable to work and don’t have enough money.  Apparently our pensions aren’t something to look forward to either cause it won’t be enough they say.  I’m going to have to guess housing will be more expensive in the future too.

The fact that the world has only gotten crappier decade after decade, I can only see 2 things happening in the kind of world we’re used to living in.  It’s either going to be a really shitty time to be alive or this world is going to transform into something so unimaginable like going to the moon 100 years ago.

Maybe it will get so bad that there will be a suicide trend the old and sick do.  No money, no roof, no social assistance,  see ya later.  Sounds crazy but we did see a glimpse of it during the recession.  I suppose another possibility is the Armageddon will happen before any of this and Jesus Christ will rain down on the wicked and save the righteous (please pick me, please pick me).

My New Radio: Sony Fidelity Sound ICF-9640W

So that radio I was talking about when I went to the flea market…I got it!  People think I’m retarded for paying $50 for an old ass radio that doesn’t do anything else but play radio but I love it.

The guy who sold it to me said it’s like 40 years old.  At first I didn’t believe him but when I try to find info on it there’s not much which tells me it’s pretty old.  It’s got to be at least 30 years old though.  One thing though, the FM doesn’t work and I don’t think he was trying to hide that from me either cause he was going to switch it to FM at one point but I stopped him cause I didn’t care about the FM.  Oh well.  I don’t plan on using FM much but I could have used it as a bargaining tool.

I turn it on every morning while I’m getting ready for work just like how they do on tv when they show a family gathering in a kitchen in the morning before they head off for work or school.  “Sandwiches again mom : (” or “no coffee for me hun, I’m already late for the 8:00 rush on the interstate.”

Model: ICF-9640w
Features:  Turns on and off

Black Jeans

After writing my last post and mentioning fashion trends it got me thinking about myself when I was 13 and I nagged my mom at the mall to buy me an $80 pair of black Guess jeans.  I distinctly remember how frightened she was of the price tag and how she so didn’t want to for out that kind of money for them.  What I don’t distinctly remember was why I wanted them so bad that I would make my mother who was a low wage worker pay pretty much a days wage for them.

During my years leading up to high school I was very far from being a spoiled brat who wanted everything.  I was always conscious of the fact that my mom worked long and hard everyday for not much money.  Nike Air’s were all the thing back then but I felt so bad spending my mom’s money that I would just get regular Nike’s or some cheap name brand that seemed to mimic Nike.  I was the only kid who didn’t have a Nintendo.  We never went on vacations or had nice dinners.  I didn’t get on a plane until I was 22!

I must have almost killed her that day.  She probably had trouble sleeping that night.  My guess is that she just wanted to see me happy once in a while.  All that just for a pair of jeans so I could fit in or at least try to.  A freaking piece of denim made in a 3rd world country marked up 300% that gets worn, thrown away and forgotten about.


Getting old

Call it getting old or call it getting sick and tired but I’d rather listen to AM news/talk radio than music on the FM stations.  When I was in my teens and 20’s it was absurd to me to listen to anything else other than music while driving.  Now, I just want some more soothing and calming.  I hate to say this but now I understand when I was a kid and all those adults just wanted peace and quiet.  They just hated noise unless if it had to do with work.

These days I’d rather listen to Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra than all the over produced music that’s been around for the last couple decades.  Sometimes all that rap and rock music makes me want to go psycho and shoot bullets somewhere.  My head feels like it wants to explode listening to that stuff too much and too loud.
Tomorrow I will probably write a post about how “back in my day we used to blah blah and so and so 3 miles up a hill in 3 feet of snow with tigers lunging for my lunch and 4 miles back home with 10 pounds of homework.”


Usually when you think of trends you think of young people in high school following the crowd and whatever the media throws at them.  In high school you have fashion trends, going to the mall, listening to the newest music, smoking cigarettes.  Straight out of high school you have maybe drugs, nightclubs and more fashion trends.

The thing about trends is that it never ends for most people.  They just don’t see it as trends.  They see it as life or growing up or “that’s the way it is.”  I hate it when people say that.  That’s the way it is if you don’t have your own brain and listen to it.  The only difference between young person trends and adulthood trends is that the latter cost more money and takes more of your life.

You have to have a car.  You have to get married and if you do get married you have to have kids.  You have to have a wedding cause it’s is your big special day so that’s why it’s going to be exactly like the last 4 weddings you went to and very possibly at the very same place.  Own property?  Of course.  You can’t rent.  Ewww.  A 25 year mortgage is what you want even if you can barely make ends meet.   You have to have blu-ray and you have to watch it on at least a 46″ lcd television but soon you have to watch it on a 46″ inch led television.

Just like in high school, if you don’t follow the trends everyone will look down on you and you don’t want that cause that wouldn’t be cool.   Cool like Joe Camel.  You got to admit those Joe Camel ads were pretty cool.    Also like high school trends when you look back at them you realize how retarded they were and how you were retarded for buying into it and if you could go back you wouldn’t have wasted your time and energy and your life.  And you’re not suppose begin a sentence with “and” and you shouldn’t use “and” more than once in a sentence.

Saweeeet Potato

In the beginning of my paleo/primal diet I thought it was going to be all plant based foods and meat for my meals.  No more rice, noodles, potatoes or bread.  That leaves a person usually unsatisfied and hungry pretty quick even though it’s probably a good sign of healthy digestion.

It’s not exactly low carb but for whatever reason it’s anti-inflammatory, high in fibre and it tastes damn good.  The sweet potato!  Not really good for weight loss but I’m looking to gain some so there’s a plus.  I guess it’s some kind of super potato cause all the other ones don’t have the same anti-inflammatory properties.  How do I know this is true?  Cause they said so and they are never wrong.

The Okinawan’s  include sweet potatoes as their staple and they live for like ever.  They live so long and healthy, Armageddon won’t even get them.  Although, they eat a different kind, a purple kind.    No matter what it’s gotta be better than the grains we eat especially the refined stuff.

Other anti-inflammatory foods include broccoli, wild salmon, extra virgin olive oil, blueberries and crack.  Not crack.  How can any food be on a list with those guys and not be good for you?  Don’t eat the skin though, it apparently isn’t that great for you and it will show up in your crap like corn.  I swear.  Try it if you don’t believe me.