Stomach Aches and Diarrhea

I used to be a full time member of the stomach ache and diarrhea club until I started eating primally/paleo.  Now when I do get a funny feeling in my stomach or feces that are not so prized I can pretty easily pinpoint the reason, whereas before it could have been anything cause I ate everything.  Well, this morning I had a case of the sloppy poopies and have accused the cream cheese that was in my sushi roll.  Unless if it was the salmon that was rotten or something but not likely.  The only other time I had bowel issues was when I had 8 slices of bacon and butter with all 3 meals.  Oh man that was hell out of my arse.  Is it the dairy or is it the excess fat?


Why is it so hard not to cheat?

When it comes to eating healthy paleo/primal diet there is no almost no such thing as eating out.  Everywhere you look it’s all carb infested, sugar induced or oil drenched.  Imagine if every restaurant and store that existed started serving cocaine.  One day,  sooner or later you just might  decide to snort a line even though you know it’s bad for you.  You would justify it by telling yourself, “everyone else does it every day, it can’t be that bad.”

Saturated fat, Cholesterol, Heart Disease

Currently we live in  a world where popular health & science will have us believe saturated fat is the leading cause for high cholesterol, heart disease and other health downfalls.  I believe and strongly believe the truth will come out and the world will come to believe that this is a myth and excess carbohydrates, vegetable oils and any other processed foods are to blame.  We believe our governments are evil and are crooked but when they tell us what’s healthy for us we just believe them for some reason without thinking that there’s politics and economics involved in what they promote as healthy eating.  One day…one day.