I’ve come to notice people are usually only thoughtful or nice when they’re faced with the consequence of their guilty conscience.   You can have a friend that might have a  good feeling that you’re in need of help or something but they won’t necessarily act on that feeling cause they can plead ignorance and not feel guilty about it.  However, if you directly ask them to their face they’ll feel guilty if they don’t help so they pretend they’re all righteous and help you out so they don’t have a guilty conscience.  Just another cynical thought.   You’re welcome.

Finding Health

These days health is not something easily acquired. With all the unnatural foods, brainwashing about life and incorrect information we have to swim through the blindness and seek out the light. You won’t find everything you’re looking for on one website or book. It takes lots of rummaging and sensible thinking to discover good mental and physical health.