Some things I thought of…

Living life not following your heart is like paddling against the current, you don’t go anywhere.  It’s like a 2 way battle very difficult to win.  You’re fighting to go one way but the other way is pulling you back.

When working a 9 to 5 schedule your days off are like a set of teeth, you only get 2.  They like to call it a “weekend off” or “2 days off” to make it sound bigger than it really is but Saturday is your first day off and Sunday is your last and once you retire your days off aren’t so great cause your teeth are about to fall out.


I was watching these 2 kids play guitar together on youtube and a thought came to mind after seeing how many videos they had together.  They’re about 13 years old I’m guessing and they had about 10 videos together.  I thought to myself these 2 kids must be really good friends or have potential to be really good friends.  I mean a crazy bond.  The time they must have spent together playing an instrument they both love and having the same interest in the same music is priceless.  These 2 guys are pretty good too so they must have spent some time playing together.  Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is if one of these guys strayed dangerously another way to another lifestyle the other would probably worry to hell and do everything he could to save him.