Patrick Latter: Fake Liker and Follower (I’m still sorry though)

After “liking” my post for the 10th consecutive time and seeing his gravatar on everyone else’s posts, it became pretty obvious that Patrick Latter who has a photography blog was liking without reading for the purpose of exposure for his blog.

My assumption is that he “follows” a crapload of people and “likes” every new post they have.  I guess it’s working for him cause he seems to be getting the exposure he’s looking for.  Every comment on his “about” page is someone thanking him for “liking” their post or “following” them.

The odd thing is that you are not able to delete or block people from following you.  I don’t know why.  Probably some stupid online community honour code.  However, I was able to get him to stop following me.  This is what I want to apologize for.  I achieved this in an impolite, negative and vulgar manner.  Last night I saw that he “liked” my most recent post and since I was semi drunk I decided to write a comment on his page.

It went something like this, “You asshole, stop following me or I will create havoc on your page, you whore.”  I probably could have asked him nicely and he probably would have cooperated but when I get the chance to amuse myself, I sometimes cannot help myself.  Also, at the time I didn’t feel much compassion cause he’s a big spammer.  Too much spam in one’s diet is detrimental to their health.

Spam likers aren’t really that big of a deal.  It’s not like it causes me any inconvenience or anything.  I guess I don’t like the idea that people are being fraudsters and playing with other peoples blog feelings.  Crap, I should have wrote this post before I got him to unfollow me cause it would have been funny if he “liked” it.  Oh well, just like Mike Tyson said, “old too soon, smart too late.”

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49 responses to “Patrick Latter: Fake Liker and Follower (I’m still sorry though)

  • Find an Outlet

    Ha ha you’re funny when you’re mad. I starting blocking all likers from my posts a while back. It’s so phony. The likes would come in immediately, so I knew the likers didn’t even have time to read the post. I still get an email that a serial liker struck, but their self-serving little gravatars won’t be showing up anywhere on my blog. Who would want all these pathetic “thank you for liking my post” comments anyway? Why not use your brain and leave a comment. Pathetic Facebook crap. Blogging should be about writing, thinking, interacting.

    • mindo240

      Fake likers, desperate for attention? Who knows. I guess it’s another way of marketing. I think liking can be positive if it’s genuine. Motivates people to write. Look who liked this post? Patrick Latter himself. He started following me again.

    • veraersilia

      I agree with Find an Outlet. AND I I never heard of that super-liker. I guess I do not have enough “traction” : good for me! and good for you Mr. Johnson, congrats for not allowing somebody to take advantage of blog polite-ness. There are plenty of weak egos out there.
      My pet peeve is receiving “awards” that oblige the recipient to do this and that. I now turn them down right away with thanks.
      Mr. Johnson: I must come back to read your posts that actually interest me,several. I wonder why I found you when I clicked on ” my adventure in Croatia’”? is that YOU under another skin? PS: when I click ‘like’ I really MEAN it.

      • mindo240

        I think I just happened to tag my post in one of his target tags. There’s got to be some method to his madness. I wonder how many other websites other than WordPress he wreaks havoc on. Making people jump through hoops to receive an award? That doesn’t seem right. Nothing’s completely free these days I guess. You found me on “my adventure in Croatia” cause they reblogged my post on to their page. This is my only active blog. I’m not working under any other aliases. I know yours is a genuine “like” hahahha. They should make people type in a code everytime they like a page. I should win the nobel prize for this idea.

  • dawn of april

    I feel like half of my “likers” are fake and while it makes me sad that people aren’t actually searching for blogs that interest them to read… I include them when I “brag” to my boyfriend.. “Honey, I got 10 likes in an hour..” He’s usually really impressed. But not really. I’m intrigued to see if any other notorious fake likers comment/like this post.. Kudos for putting it out there!

    • mindo240

      Ya, i think half my likers are fakers. I’m glad you can manage to impress boyfriend. It’s not how it is it’s how it looks.. lol… guess what? this patrick latter guy ended up following me again and liking my post about him being a fake liker. Hahaha…

  • jerrontables

    I have fallen victim to Patrick’s serial liking. He is the Son of Sham.

  • Our Adventure in Croatia

    REALLY glad someone wrote this post!! I was about to do this myself!!! is this guy for real or has he got some kind of software programme which scans WordPress to check everyone’s new posts? and every single new blog on WordPress? He was the very first “like” on my post when I put my blog “live” and I was happy as larry.
    “oooppie ooooohhh somebody likes my post”” . I was jumping up and down…
    then I quickly realized his Gravatar was EVERYWHERE!!
    my OH setup another blog just a few days ago and – yes you’ve guessed it – 15 minutes later Patrick Latter clicked LIKE and follow.
    I see he liked this post too!!!!! :) (I’m sure his compurer software didn’t read it properly)…

    • mindo240

      I’m glad I wrote this post too. It’s my most viewed post I think..hahaha. I’m not sure how Mr. Latter does it. Sometimes I think it must be software cause it seems like he should be pretty busy with travelling and photography. Maybe we should ask him but I’m sure he won’t reply. Ya, he unfollowed me and a few days after writing this post he “liked” it and started following me again.

  • Our Adventure in Croatia

    Reblogged this on Our Adventure In Croatia and commented:
    Did you also think Patrick Latter was a fake?

    • mindo240

      Ummmm, at first I never think anyone is a fake even though I know they might be. I do get suspicious when they have a site selling something. I pretty much accused him of being a fraud after liking my posts 5 times in a row and after seeing his gravatar everywhere.

  • Multifarious meanderings

    I have just posted about this very same problem on my blog, asking readers to leave me a comment rather than like it right at the end of the article, just to see who had actually read throught to the end….. The results are entertaining and and am amused to see that the person responsible for my own scream of rage has liked your article too! Thanks to for letting me know about your blog; I’m off for a good read.

  • Pecora Nera

    Lol, I never thought there is was such an animal as a fake likers. I understand your argument but now I have to cope with the thought that my blog has been liked just to increase their own exposure..

    I might need some therapy now.

    I have liked your post… I need the exposure. lol

    • mindo240

      There’s fake likers everywhere on WordPress and real life. People are desperate for attention these days I guess. Your “like” is all good. I’ll consider your “like” as a compliment to your comment which is a genuine human experience.

  • harri8here

    Hmmm I hadn’t wanted to believe my suspicions …
    And you are right, Like is so Facebook fickle (although, of course, there are genuine Likes, like my own :-) ).

    • mindo240

      Ya he’s a fraud, sorry. Him and many others but he’s just more persistent. I guess “liking” is just another sign of the times. Fast, easy and ingenuine. Except for yours of course. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Davide

    Hi, I am fairly new to this and I, like others was very happy to see Patrick Latter liking my posts as soon as they were published, at least someone like them I thought…now after reading your post and all the comments I’m not so sure!

    • mindo240

      He looks all presentable and charming in his gravatar photo but he’s just like a snake oil salesman. I don’t really mean that hahahha. He is a fraud though. I’m sure there’s real “likers” checking out your posts. From the looks of your blog you don’t stay home much. I’ll definitely be back on your blog to explore your exploring.

  • Our Growing Paynes

    Oh boy, I was wondering the same thing! Though so far I’ve been hit with a low number of fake likers. You can usually tell who they are, by, as you mentioned, the speed with which they like the post. Half the time I’m not even done adding a few more tags! I hope the fake liker number stays low as I really enjoy this blogging community.

  • lightpuma

    Lol ya that’s funny. When I first started blogging I got a few likes and I was excited. But then I realized they were fake :p.

  • rigmover

    Great post Mr Johnson, and a lot of great comments, I’m sure PL has liked some of my post, so he must be mad, my posts are rubbish.

    • mindo240

      Hahaha.. rubbish? I don’t think so. Your job allows you to get a lot of great shots. I’m way too much of a wuss to do your job. It sounds like manly work. It’s cool that you share your stories and photos with the rest of the world. Don’t think a lot of us get to see that sort of stuff. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • mosaicthinking

    I’ve been Lattered too. It doesn’t feel good. The tag ‘travel’ seems to bring the fake likers out of the woodwork, in my experience.

    • mindo240

      Ya I could see ‘travel’ being one of those targeted tags. I think ‘humor’ is a big one too. I hate to admit that I like some of his photos on his blog hahaha. Thanks for dropping by.

  • journeyman1977

    Thanks for putting this post up! I was just going through my best friend’s blog (she got me started on wordpress and I am hooked) and noticed this dude Patrick Latter had ‘liked’ almost all her posts. Not that they weren’t likable but I was just curious….who was Patrick Latter???? Lol. But seriously, it’s a bit sick just liking something in the hope that someone drops by your blog. That person puts a lot of effort and thought into his or her post. Or like me just vents because I need to vent. Blogging like maintaining my journal has been therapy for me in what is some stressful times. And I’m thankful that the folks who ‘like’ my blog have genuinely read it and found it interesting. The same way I’ve read and liked what I sincerely find interesting and inspiring. Thank you.

    • mindo240

      Hey man, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Patrick Latter is part of an insincere cyber world. I’m sure he’s good to his mother though. It’s cool to hear writing on the web is helping you out as it does for me as well. I’ve read a few posts on your blog and my goodness, you must be stressed out. It sounds terrifying. I don’t know. I’d be doing massive amounts of pushups or smoking tons of weed to alleviate the stress. Although the weed may enhance the paranoia. I know this sounds lame but try to stay positive and don’t beat yourself up too bad. I feel retarded saying shit like that cause it’s easy for me to say while I’m sitting here on my couch in a first world country.

    • justinegraykin

      Fancy meeting you here.

      Perhaps it’s because I’m a writer, and I’m used to this business of one hand washes the other (we do it for each other with reviews and such). I don’t like it, but nobody asked me to approve. It’s the way the “system” works. We all try to push each others book – blog – whatever to the top via endorsements. My first thought when I started getting lots of “likes” was “Great, if the agent looking at my novel checks out my website, she’ll see that I get lots of traffic.”

      Cynical? Perhaps. But my question to you is, why do the fake likes upset you? What harm do they do you?

      And I do always check the followers. Sometimes it leads me to folks who are genuinely interesting, such as yourself. It’s sometimes difficult to find the music in all the noise, but I don’t mind panning for gold.

      • journeyman1977

        Thanks Justine :) love that term…panning for gold. The feeling is likewise when I found this and your blog and the others that I ‘follow’ :)

      • mindo240

        I can see how someone with your aspirations for blogging may welcome the “likes” but I think a lot of people on here are not trying to be writers, have nothing to sell nor do we have any agents to impress.

        We blog to release our thoughts from our heads and to interact with like minded people. When we get a “like” we think our post connected with someone and it’s kind of disappointing for some when it turns out to be someone who just “liked’ your post for the purpose of spamming. It has a negative effect cause now anytime anyone likes your post you get suspicious instead of inspired.

        Is it a big deal? No not really. Out of all the negative things in this world, fake likers probably deserves less attention than an ant being burned by a kid with a magnifying glass.

      • Justine Graykin

        I guess my response would be that the Internet is a big place, and people have different reasons for being there. Doesn’t make much sense to flame somebody because their purpose might be different from yours, particularly when there’s no malice involved.

      • mindo240

        Next time a Jehovah’s Witness comes knocking on your door you should invite them in and give them a hug cause their purpose might be different from yours and they also have no malice intended. Do you fully welcome those emails you get for longer orgasms and fake rolex’s as well? If you’re into fake liking than whatever but there’s tons of people here who aren’t into it. How can you even support the fake liking BS? It happens just like spam emails but there’s nothing cool about it. If Patrick Latter wants to be a fraud than he should accept that he’s going to possibly be exposed as a fraud.

      • Justine Graykin

        There are a great range of options between flaming and warm welcome. Simple polite refusal is one of them.

      • Our Adventure in Croatia

        to Justine Graykin.
        “Polite refusal” is precisely what we are asking for. WordPress won’t currently allow you to “politely refuse” a liker or a follower. There is nothing you can do to “politely refuse” them. A button you can click on your blog would suffice. Myself (and other) have been asking on the WP support exactly for this, how can I refuse/block an unwanted follower? And I agree with Mr Johnson, in the great scheme of things, with all the problems in the world, this is insignificant. But then we all try to stop the annoying spammers (I do get my fair share of email selling me all sorts of sexual items, and luckily my “spam” programme stops them). Thanks again to Mr Johnson for opening up this discussion.

  • Florian / Abandoned Kansai

    Some Likes don’t even create a page view… WP should change the system so you at least have to open the page that you “like”!

    • mindo240

      That’s not a bad idea. You’re right, it doesn’t really make sense that you can “like” a post without opening its entire content. Maybe this WordPress thing is more geared towards spammers. I will let the conspiracy theorists know about this. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Daniel Budiarto

    I’m currently researching the topic and found your post. It’s hilarious! This guy actually liked a few of my posts as well, without even viewing them. I know because he did this when my blog was much, much smaller. WordPress is full of them, but there’s nothing we can do about it. I wish I could just publicly defame them all, but I guess it would be unethical?

    • MrJohnson

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post. Please visit my other pages on how to make money online. Yes I am kidding.
      He hasn’t bugged me for a long time but there are many others that still come around with their BS. You’re right there is not much you can do except turn off ”

      • MrJohnson

        Whoops…hit the reply button before finished. Ya you can turn off ‘likes’ but you can’t do nothing about followers except make your blog private.

        I would totally defame them but I am not always sure if they are fakers or not so I do not bother.

  • scrounger1984

    I didn’t want to “like” cuz I actually really like his photos. But what you’re saying is right. My blog is relatively new, but people are liking it already. And it’s not like I’m writing anything interesting.

    • MrJohnson

      Ya there’s lots of people who fake “like.” It’s difficult sometimes to tell who’s fake liking though. I’m almost convinced someone is fake liking when their blog is begging for mass attention.

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